Beautiful evil

From the moment we’re conceived
To the moment we’re brought to be
One of the first thing we learn is beauty
“Look how beautiful they are”
“Such beautiful eyes”
And many more compliments that aren’t always truly compliments

It’s sad to say, that so many of us learn beauty before love
Before trust or before we even find our voice

We may not know what two plus two is
But we know that we have beauty
And we know at a young age how much power it holds and how to use that power

But what we don’t learn at a young age is
That there’s beauty inside
And that beauty is the most powerful
Beauty is everything in this world
And everything comes with a price

Because just as there is good in everything
There is also evil in everything
Because in this world there is a balance
A balance between good and evil
It may not be leveled, but balanced none the less

All the beautiful souls taken due to their own beauty  
Whether a beautiful face
A beautiful body
Or the most powerful beauty of all;
A heart too beautiful for this ugly world

Lives taken out of anger, envy, deceit
All have the same in common;
A result of some form of beauty
They can’t have your beauty so no one else can either
Or they took away your voice and made you blind to your own beauty so you felt no other way out

Your soul is way more beautiful than any makeup or beauty treatment can show
So your life is the price you end up paying

You’re so beautiful
Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean no one else can
And to most that beauty is to be shared
Whether by choice or with some “convincing”

Never let them take the beauty you possess within
Because they may steal your outer beauty
But that my dear fades each time the leaves change anyway

But the beauty within, is everlasting and as firm as an evergreen
And that my love, is one of the many good things that come with beauty

No matter what is said and what is done  
Beauty can still remain
We just have to understand what beauty really is

Once we realize the true meaning of beauty
Once we find our voice and refuse to ever be silent
Only then will we see that beauty really is everything

Beauty is love  
Beauty is trust
Beauty is honesty
Beauty is everything in us  
Good and bad

Last but most importantly
The message I want us to all leave with
And live by til the day that we die is that

Beauty is everything and
With everything comes a price
That price to be paid can be good or evil  
Can’t have one without the other
But, in the end we decide what is paid
Written by Oldsp0rt
Published | Edited 22nd Nov 2018
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