I've never been the one to care so much.
I've never been the one to feel protective.
I have a big bag of jealousy sitting on my shoulders,
And look at what it does to me everyday.
With her I care so much,
Never been jealous until her.
It's become uncontrollable.
I'm protective like never before.
I've been asking this question,
Is it good or is it just wrong?
Jealousy takes over me,
Every time I see his name.
Every time she speaks of him.
Jealousy made me someone,
I thought I'd never become.
And look what it's done now,
She's getting fed up.
It's all in my head she says.
Maybe it's all just in my head!
Jealousy takes the best of what I have to give.
I'm sorry for the times I've hurt you,
With being too protective.
All I can say is,
I only love you.
This is why jealousy is present in my mind.
And this is why jealousy is always in the road.
I hope you see this side of me,
When jealousy takes over.
You're the only one I want.
I'm scared of you getting bored with me.
And I'm terrified of you not loving me,
Like I love you.
It's a matter of lying or telling you.
If I tell you nothing is wrong,
That I'm not jealous.
I'm only lying to you.
And if I tell you.
Then it's just another fight ready to start.
It's not that I don't trust you.
I just don't trust anyone around you,
Because I know how special you are.
And how easy it is to love and want you.
I don't want anyone else to discover that.
Because like me,
They won't stop until they have you.

I'm sorry for the jealousy,
And being so protective.
Maybe one day,
It won't be such a bad thing.

Nik Jordan Tucker]
Written by emoboi24 (Nik-Forever)
Published | Edited 22nd Jul 2014
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