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Part I
I was born before time,
When the stars didnít shine yet,
When darkness was young.
And there was no light.
I began my travels
Clinging on the skies,
Painted in infinite black.
There was I, angel of darkness,
Stretching myself from the edges of
The Universe.
I tried to call The One that I named Father,
But he didnít answer.
He was busy...
I moved slowly .
Eons passed by.
Until I found You.
On a small spec of dust  
In my Infinite home.
I shriveled myself
Making me small like you,
It took all my primordial force
To gather all that was I  
In that small point you call Human.
Part II
Iím walking the streets of this city,
Like the child of the night that I am.
Iím small now but I donít feel like that,
How is it possible to feel so much?
When you are so little.
I watch her,  
the reason of my little experiment
Sheís so beautiful,
I almost forget to breath.
Hair so black, like my mother the night,
Skin so pure and white like ancient porcelain.
Her eyes so sharp I think it could cut.
Sheís mine now,
A reason to stay,
Or a reason to run.
She jumps in my arms,
Whispering words of love,
My prince of the night,
She calls me.
I embrace her like wind.
Iím making all of her mine,
I want to feel.
Part III
The bedroom is small.
The bed is big.
I easily push her on the bed
My beauty,
My reason to feel.
I take her clothes of
And I admire her sculptural body,
That I shall make mine.
She drops on her knees,
Oh! So beautiful! a woman on her knees..
She takes my dick between her lips,
And worships it like an ancient idol.
I put my hand on her head
Not to guide her,
But to let her know Iím there.
Stretching my dark wings to engulf us.
I lift her up and grab her,
Pull her violently to my chest,
Our mouths clash in the deepest kiss,
She moans as my fingers find her opening,
So wetÖ
I shall make you mine!
I shout with a voice so deep
Like the crevasses in space.
She turns around and I plunge  
Myself in her  
Oh! FatherÖ I feelÖ
My hands follow every curve of her body,
Iím making her mine.
Her body shivers in pleasure,  
That I know only I can give.
She turns her head to me  
So, I can see how that look doesnít cut anymore,
But it is filled with lust, desire, life,
Iím letting my self go inside of her
It feels like Iím creating galaxies !
I pull her hair with my final thrust
I feel too much!
I become the infinite shadow again,
The angel of darkness...
I caress her with my wings,
And in her eyes I see theÖ fear
Written by Markis
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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