I have to remind myself that not all men are trash
Because my father is a good man
I have to remind myself that not all men are trash
Because I have dated men who respect me
I have to remind myself that not all men are trash
Because you cannot paint everyone with the same colour
It's not that easy.
A lot of them make it so arousing to fall into that line of thinking
Some men do shit that makes my stomach queasy
They do things out of insecurity
Most times I will sit there and think, really?
Is this how you're gonna do me?  
Is this how you're gonna do us?  
You think about your next actions  
Rationalize your bullshit  
And it sounds just?  
You work so hard to break our trust  
And blame it on lust?  
Blame it on me,  
Blame it on him,  
Blame it on the sky,
Blame it on sin,
Blame it on your family,  
Say they didn't raise you well
Cause common sense doesn't come easily
And you could never tell
Walk around everyday  
Knowing you cause hell
You tell me some people make it
And other people don't  
You're just living your life, paving your own road  
So it's unfortunate when others meet you during your strole  
God forbid if we decide to make you a decision we once chose.  
And after you hurt us  
After you break the soul,  
It just becomes another story someone once told.  
You did it for the power  
You did it for the greed  
Convincing yourself that it's the only thing you ever did need,  
Meditating on the music and the adverts that you see on TV  
Passing on ancient beliefs  
Grandpa told daddy so that's how I'm gonna be.  
Wanting to relate some crazy shit on your Insta feed  
Feeling like you deserve everyone and everything you ever did see.  
'Cause being a man comes with entitlement  
That makes you feel proud  
So when you feel Itty bitty
Your emasculinity gets really loud
Screaming from the mountain tops  
Down into an innocent crowd.  
I'm tired, yes I am tired  
I'm tired of the assholes and all the fucking liars.  
Imagine if I was fired?  
Holding onto all the the pain to make me feel higher,  
Imagine if I was petty,  
Imagine if I was a Savage,  
Imagine if betraying people became a daily habit?  
Imagine me angry  
Walking down this lane  
Trying to make everyone feel the very same  
Betraying other women because we all have to make our own way
Damaging boys and men because they're all insane?  
Can you see the picture?  
Open your mind and really really see,  
That I would be a monster and not a human being  
Not all men are trash.  
This is very true  
But so many of them are.
So many leave a scar.
So many make it hard.

Sometimes I wish I was a monster  
So I wouldn't feel so blue.  
Written by BloodyDrums (Chipoko)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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