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Camp Fire Story (4)

The heavens opened wide and haloed the sun as it shone into the room.  
Grace had been up for a while, she stirred the tea leaves, took the booklet of proclaimed spells. "Tea leaf tell, awaken the spell, I Grace  Of Ydriad , Ask of you KIndred One protect me"  The steam of the brew was so strong , with nausea she returned to the kitchen.      
The servants had gone to do their duties, left over bread cakes, scones heavy with syrup and Blue berried pancakes met her eyes. She crumbled a bread cake. Her daughters ran into the kitchen stuffing themselves with all the foods. Grace had made her descision, She would travel allone throught the mysts of the Lava Lakes. After the breakfast the Earl accompanied her to the Lakes. THey took the secret paths and on their way had to escape the Mansion Foxes which guarded the place. "By the satyres of flaming tongues!" The earl shouted when yet another pack of Foxes grabbed hold of his long mantle.      
The Lake shone like a mirror, the Magma mysts were thick like curtains of smoke. A young man stood at the edge of the waters. Where a small wooden boat was laying anchored.      
"Trouble LOves Thee" said the young man, smiling at Grace, he adjusted his dark hair , tucked it into the Hood of his dress.  He was called Trouble LOves Me due to him being a halfling,  from the gypsie camps he came. It was said he was an artist and could talk to the stars. He bowed, "Madam Grace" He said, "Allow me to guide you through the mystss, my boat is ready. Grace embraced her husband, then stepped down. "Atentje, Atentje!" Trouble called out "Be ware of slipery stones" He escorted Grace to the boat.      
It sailed as Trouble sang various songs. His voiced echoed over the waters. Grace pulled her woolen coat around her and took her mittens on. She went aboard the tiny cabin of the boat. Storms came, winds, howling hails and ice cold rain.        
"Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" Trouble sang while the boat hoovered itself across the lakes throuh the mysts. Grace had a broken sleep, she slept, woke but the boat never stopped nor did Trouble stop singing.      
A sudden crash upon what seemed land anounced they were at their destination.      
There in the nearby sight, lay Halloween. The trees shook, in welcoming delight, they breezed towards Grace. The pampas grasses shook, the fruits of papaya and ayaho lay all around. Trouble rushed towards them, gathering them....      
Grace summoned him to stop, she knew they were poisonous.        
Suddenly a man appeared from out of nowhere. He drew a sword at Trouble, His royal clothes indicated he was a knight, one of the Highest in ranks. "Trrrrrouble eedeeeh!"      
He said jestlike, His eyes twinkled with a starnge delight. "David! " Grace said. "David MacCleod!" He and Grace spoke while Trouble attended to the boat which he took ashore and hid behind some huge palm trees.      
David took them to a secret entrance. It was called the KeyA. They had to climb countless stairs where a magical carpet awaited them. They ascended flying through dragon breath, having to avoid huge elephant clouds and sonar lights. David said hed slay the drrrragons before they would "open their effcking mouth"        
The landing spot was right at the Fortress of Azam, where Zazzles lived.      
Zazzles the wytch of the Crowley Clan. It was said She had been taught by Edward Alexander Crowley himself.        
The dark fortess seemed a cold place, Grace shivered, fattigue got a hold of her but she did not let it show. Inside they were lead to a round hall where Zazzles was seated in a huge chair , she held a crystal ball in which colours flew. All kinds of things were set up around her. Crystals, elixers, skulls, parafine lamps, a waterpipe, dried leaches piles of notes, some stufed up animals.        
The book of Lies lay open on the floor, all kinds of alchemical formulas were written on Zazzles's arms and hands.        
" By the chain, the Scrourge, the dagger and the chain" She said hissing almost.      
She scratched the crystal ball, lowered her voice      
"Welcome to Azam"   she said. They talked and Grace was under the impression that she was going to be in good hands. They escorted them to another part of the fortess. A door open with piercing high metal sounds. At that instant Zazzles 's face changed into an old greyhaired woman, David began to laugh like a madman.      
They pushed Both Grace and TRouble into the entrance. Then it closed behind them.      
Grace screamed and banged her hands on the door until they were sore. In the pitch black dark they walked, hearing sounds of scraping iron, a fence was being built around them. Huge wolves were around them grinding their teeth. A dark voice spoke "Choose your predator, split the psyche, deform the was repeated over and over"      
"Una mai, fantoma,proteja noi, proteja noi"      
Trouble Loves Me sang these words, he sang them to the Wolves, he looked them in the eyes, he grinded  his teeth like they did, he fell to the ground, the Wolves tore at his dress.      
He fought them, repeating the words, hissing, quivering they backed off one by one.      
Noadi appeared as a vision, they could walk through him, but feel his pressence as hs strength blended with their own and the place was cleansed of all evils. The chains broke from the fences. As a young girl stood on the other side, she held a plucked dead chicken without its head, it bled in a thick brownish dirt. Grace screemed overwhelmed with motherly love "She is my daughter......"      
Trouble LOves me forced her to stand back as he managed to grasp the chicken. It had a ceremonial ribbon inside, he drew out the ribbon, the vision diappeared.        
"We must face truths in stead of visions" he spoke, his dark hair fell  over his eyes.      
"Night will lead us, " He said calmly " But.....the girl " Grace said with great sentiment "There is no girl here" Said Trouble Loves me "Illusion never breaks a spell,. We might have entered a dreamt reality. Let us get out of DreamTime and allow Halloween to begin to happen" His voiced had such a calming effect that she felt sleepy. Did she dream all of this? Where was she, where were they going to?      
Kindred One came to Her as a LOving embrace. She heard a voice filled with Love calling Her name. Grandmother Of Birth and Endless Time appeared.  A soft blanket was put over her, a satin pillow to rest her head. Kindred One sang a lullaby.      
Sleep opened its kingdom, a kind Light shone, the Light showed her the way, a lighthouse  by the water, she dozed off completely.... The dream worlds opened.      
Rustic brown and golden trees , Grace journeyed the realms seeing through Her third eye. Through the Akasha she entered the ethoscope, the etherical fields .      
Cosmic Crimsin apøeared in a white gown, She looked like a bride, Grace thought. " Grace my Ydriad sibling, what is your queste?" Grace spoke of her experience in Azam. She shivered like a leaf. Cosmic Crimsin read a healing poem. "Do not forget the bones of the forefathers" She said."Do not forget the dawn, you have traveled a lifetime, your Ydriad skin has fallen from you.      
The wilderness is a part of every woman, it will be born again each All souls night. Bemoan your child, the one you were finding. She is in the great Nebula     
Halloween has devoured her. Know that they only will have her body, her soul belongs to you. All that you have been through was a dream.  Now return, Return to your Life, It is Hallow Eve. The dead lull the Living. But only in the flame . Breathe Life into the sterile universe, of fire, in nature, Love in Spirit, Unkenned....      
Cosmic Crimson waded through the spheres , white flowers grew from her hands, the blossom filled Graces awareness. She tried to lift her eyelids      
They were heavy though blurry visions came nearer, she awoke on the field by the mansion gardens, voices doubled then altered.      
She was dizxy when she got up, the Earl reached for her saying " Dear were you stealing the devil's apples? Should i be naming you Jack o lantern on this Hallow Even? Lets join the festivities, mind you its the DEAD of night"      
He laughed, she took his hand, adjusted her skirt and off they went....      
(The End)      
Written by AEMelia564 (Y)
Author's Note
Refferences are made to, the welsh national anthem, romanian language, titles and poetry by Aleister Crowley(breath life into the......unkenned)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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