might as well gimp me

must speak only in prose    
must conjure an arsenal of words
...that slide like eels through minds † †
whose eyelids leave irises naked † †
just enough to infiltrate †  
with screams of silence †  
and my incessant begging † †
† †
must i compete though †  
with my stale and musty monotones †  
the singularity of my one and single idea †  
surely im no match †  
my efforts futile †  
† †
i suppose then †  
gimp me †  
pimp me †  
throw me to your mound of worn out rags and scraps of time †  
like pocket change to make feasts from famine †  
† †
and through candlelight †  
dim and luscious pearls in moonlight †  
let him gaze †  
and drink your pleasures †  
i will always know my place †  
in the darkness you leave left for me †  
† †
i am but a broken worn out toy †  
a leaky, phallic tool without balls enough to stand erect and be your pole †  
instead, when night is through †  
and you have further need †  
strap your strapon as my gag †  
and ride me at 4am †  
when nothing else will do †  
or let me wait til morning roars †  
and you find patience waned †  
when my plums are blue †  
to take whatís yours and invent a game †  
† †
or just leave me to slither † †
tied like they do hogs and to-be-tamed beasts †  
confine my reptilian needs †  
raw and scaly and tart with instinct †  
with groins that lunge without warning †  
that need restraint †  
to keep raucous libidos †  
attentive yet not secreting †  
† †
but please, oh please, let me touch you with my eyes †  
and caress your thighs and mind †  
till you greet me again with the whip of your will †  
and scold me in a hot bath of you †  
† †
mock my dreams of holding you in my arms †  
like you let him do †  
cuddling your grandness in graceful hugs †  
as inside, your bright red heart pounds an anthem †  
† †
for when you finally come to me †  
i will pucker like a starving snail †  
at a pace that canít be faster †  
helpless and hopeful †  
you might just crouch down † †
to lift me from my most desolate residency
Written by poetrician
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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