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Passion Ashes


Embers glow like candles in the dark
Embers in your eyes
innocently naughty little spy
Waiting in the shadows
your chin in the palm of your hand,
bent fingers hooked along your jaw,
your pinky clenched between your teeth
as you ponder
and your quietly-wild eyes wander...

I took slow steps through
the new, dark library
and found your thoughts
I traced calloused fingers slowly
across your words
slipping my fingertips
along the edges of your page
the supple binding of your spine

May I touch your poem here...?

Your heavy lidded eyes say yes

My lips mouthed your private lyrics
like a kiss
Slowly tongue fucking
the idea of you
Testing and tasting
the verbal terrain
Soft, husky whispers in your ear
of dark, intimate promises
and I blame you
for the catch in your breath
You put your soul on the written line
You invited me to reach

ok yes, I accepted

my long fingers and wide palms slide
effortlessly beneath the fabric of your skin
exploring your terrain † † † † † † † † † † † † †
Clutching your puckered peaks
And gently driving you insane

A whimper leaves your pouted lips
A reluctant impulse
This, Iíll have to break
This, Iíll enjoy breaking

Tell me:
if I touch you right here...
if my tongue licks your ink and paper...
if I stroke your sex with a word
 † † † † and stoke your fire a kiss well earned
Will your eyes glow bright like stars?
Will our passion turn to ashes
 † † † † † † † † †all you hold back
 † † † † † † † † †all you fear
 † † † † † † † † †what you think you lack
 † † † † † † † † †and somehow hold dear

Let me tear it away from you...

Hands over your head
Back against the wall
Wrap that leg around me
I declare the body of this mind
and two mouths become one
I breathe in smoke
and ashes of the walls burning
within you

Allow me to just
break through
the shadows

*crumpling fabric*

and the lies

*a long, strangled moan*

seems like youíve been told
all your life

One hand holds your wrists above you
your burning body
my trembling, needy prisoner
The other hand cradles
the base of your spine
Fingers roughly sliding across
the cleft of your smooth, rounded ass
Wide eyes stare back into mine
like solar headlights
scorching my soul
daring me with a naughty laugh
to go further...

Tell me:
when my lightning rod pierces
your slick
naked paperback of truth
and my thunder rolls through you
with straight muscular fury
will your nightmares crumble then?
Will our passion turn to ashes
 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † all the pain
 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † all indignity
 † † † † † † † † † youíve buried in the past?

My hip moves
and the storm begins

Your delicious breasts
are crushed velvet
against my chest

Your head tilts back
with a cry to the gods
Iíll always remember
The oiled machine of you
around my member
like a friendly hand
urging me on
to greener lands

My ache for this...
Longing for this...
All Tauren thunderbolts unleashed
in your womb
as my mouth gives up
(for the moment)
on words
My lips wildly massage your throat
feeling the purring ripple of your moans
Traveling the nape
to your collar bone


And I groan
in sync with you
My lips find what theyíre looking for
Sucking and nibbling and
your eraser buds

The bookshelf behind you shakes
like an earthquake
Books and words
sight unheard
around us
Itís raining written souls
Iím bringing the rain
The torrent is coming
Iím coming...

Thunder from my throat
as you tear your hands from my grip
Hungry fingers tear
the last scraps of the book cover
from my heaving shoulders
And we fall
like the ashes our passion burned

My hungry mouth is on your book
like an addict hooked
and my thirst is quenched
and thirsty again
on the pink puffy pussy folds
of your beauty dripping words
and delicious stanzas
I comment and quip and double-dip
the thick awakened wetness
of your next lines
and the grateful sounds you give me
and the fingers youíve buried in my scalp
urge me not to stop
until your limbs go limp
and your pages shudder
with a flutter

And on lacquered library hardwood
I kneel at the altar of your bent position
Smoldering eyes over a smooth,
curved shoulder
demanding more muscular poetry

A hand finds a breast,
another, your hair
pulling firmly back on the coil
with a ďyou are MINEĒ grip
and Iím in the position with you
My thunderous pen
all possible structured routes in you
Scribbling a memoir of fire and need
Deep in your hearth
Your heart
Your eyes

And lightning crashes
and thunder rolls
and I fill you with my ink and rain
as you call my name
in blissful mindless agony
The pelvis of my mind
crashes hard against your
soft bend
until my thoughts and dreams are spent

This library
These words
Your skin and heat
and breath and gentle kisses
Your hair,
like a thousand stranded letters
trailing like a river through my fingers
Books splayed like rubble around us
A war zone of passion
A collapse of darkness into ashes

So I donít see you with my eyes
But for the first day in years
My tongue travels the skilled mouth
of a living, breathing
beautiful mind

As for lingering agony
and the soft sadness of solitude...

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

And such is what you do to me.
 † † †
Written by Taurus385
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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