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Image for the poem Sexual Balance ( and sweet "Strawberry Wine")

Sexual Balance ( and sweet "Strawberry Wine")

… I ever cross your mind, anytime?  

I am  
taken a back  
to the atmospheric thoughts  
of the you that but a few even know...  
….the enigmatic verve  
that always seems to show  
causing the eros impetus  
of my soul to glow  
and I wonder  
and I want.....
….to be your lesbian love,  
transforming myself  
into a soft, mocha brown,  
sullen beauty that appears  
as your Rhiannon  
in the night
when the shade  
of the moon's blue light  
is just right for us,  
sister to sister  
where to touch you,  
how to taste  
how to hold you down  
in the moments  
when you fall from grace  
into wanton female desire and sapphic lust  
the longing......  
...if I was your girlfriend  
fulfilling your need  
for that  
Moorish brute,  
riding the fine line  
between the Marques de Sade  
and Christian Grey  
bringing you into submission,  
seducing your flesh through delicious joy and pain  
for you to  
bow down at my feet  
my submissive, coquettish little bitch  
in a hellish heat  
…oh how the master doth beat her meat  
hemlocked-spreader, her legs open wide  
lovely mouth ball-gagged  
to keep those raging demons  
trapped inside  
violet leather strap,  
hands to the bed  
long, slender arms  
held up over her head  
“yes master” she cries,  
passionate tears  
flow from her eyes  
nipples straining against clamps  
on jeweled chains  
striking the flogger upon her  
rouged, bruised ass,  
feeling absolutely no shame  
pain b4 pleasure  
rhythmic tapping  
of the whip upon her  
swollen clit, 69 agonizingly delicious times  
masculine fingers  
pushed deep inside  
fucking her  
hot,wet pussy  
this......68, 69  
beautifully tortured.......balance  
in the sweet summertime, summertime  
natures splendor  
in the tall green grass  
she dances for me  
beneath clear blue skies  
my body tingles  
as I peer through squinted eyes  
into her sun.....  
… her clothes gently fall to the ground  
her body glistens  
she joins me there  
upon the ground  
my hands entangled  
inside the locks of  
tousled, dark hair  
distant animal eyes  
silently watch us,  
not making a sound  
as we make love  
there upon the ground,  
cascades of intimate  
wetness falling down  
she anoints my masculinity  
like sweet strawberry wine.....hanging in the balance of our summer and fall  
( do you ever dare to think of me at all?)  8/30/2018
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Author's Note
.....she spoke to me of "sweet Strawberry Wine" and intimate thoughts unspoken. I lust for her body in every way
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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