It wasn't always so  
  this certainty in doubt;  
but, a black sun of shadow  
 content in one's own lot
Chapter 1  
Once upon a Time  
a toad discovered me  
  amidst a pond of poem  
  absorbed in imagery;  
perched upon a lily pad  
  waiting for the frog  
   that rejected transformation  
   into some Prince of court  
Because royalty, you see  
  wasn't what I sought  
( nor golden riches of wealth  
      in a kingdom amid the wood )
But, a treasure that is trust  
  buried beneath the truth  
    no matter how much it hurt  
    to reveal such tender roots  
Chapter 2  
Assurance became the Frog  
  from my gentle leap of faith  
   into those murky waters  
   of transformative belief  
The cloudy sediment splashed  
  from our introductory dance  
    rebirthing the sacred cache  
    into a regal Lotus  
I dare not pluck it, I thought  
  for my admiration only  
Howbeit gifted to me  
  by his sweet generosity  
Beauty is best admired  
  by an open mind and heart  
    relinquishing the gifted bloom  
    for the greater good of Love  
 That all could view the truth  
   of what life could hold in store  
    by letting go of what cannot be  
    to embrace the great unknown  
Chapter 3  
Though he's secretly desired  
  by a few who've made their move  
  he chooses to sit by my side  
    knowing he's free to go  
But, is that not the test  
 of Love and Trust and Truth  
   the liberty to leave blessed  
   if any so should choose  
And yet does he remain  
   my best friend and my Love;    
    a confidant I can Trust    
    without expectation of return  
For we all reap what we sow  
   be it betrayal, pain, or Love  
       Ah, but that is how we learn  
       whether we intended to, or not  
The End  
It wasn't always so  
  this certainty in doubt;  
but, a black sun of shadow  
  content in one's own lot
Author's Note
For (My J)ohnnyBlaze
with Love 💜💏
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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