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Image for the poem Legs Over My Shoulders

Legs Over My Shoulders

Mami making happy.  That keeps Papi happy too.  
Watching you play with your pussy has stirred me into  
some exotic, erotic passion filled stew.  
I'm ravenously hungry now so let me tell you what we gonna' do......  
I've lost track of where my boxers are  
Somewhere in the hallway floor  
Out there where I was standing  
Peering through parted door.  
Stood there waiting for a moment  
as your body settled to it's rest  
I'm feeling like a phantom  
Heart beating wildly in my chest  
....before my latest attack  
Crouching at your bedside  
I slither across it's surface  
Ur legs splayed wildly open  
I'm just a little nervous  
I'm feeling like Wesley Snipes    
Starring in Blade II  
I need a little rejuvenation  
I know what I must do......  
I'm going to eat *you* my pretty...  
I slide between spread legs  
Your legs draped 'cross my shoulders  
Like a dog in heat, I capture that scent  
of the animal passion that still smolders....  
between your thighs and I simply love your thighs  
Gently, I nuzzle your mound  
Massaging it's softness with my lips  
I feel your body quiver  
as I touch with my fingertips  
Never missing a single beat  
I rake my fingernails down your legs  
Across your calves........  
.....down the insides of your thighs  
my hands approach those swollen pussy lips  
I wanna' set ur soul on fire  
As you "sigh" in soft approval  
Legs spread across my shoulders here on your  
Queen-size bed.  
Re-kindling your previous passion  
Those beautiful legs Mmmmmmm......a little wider they spread  
I let my fingers linger there  
between the juncture of pussy lips and ample thighs  
pinching and teasing that tender wet thing  
before slipping my index finger deep inside  
Sliding my finger in and out, in and out  
So much juice until I decide to slip in two  
Two big manly fingers inside your pussy  
Feeling like "hard boiled diznic" to you  
mmmmmm...........sweet resistance  
as your body presses deep down into the bed  
The "Music" knows your body's every pleasure  
Your hands grasp the head board    
Within thick down pillows, you begin to thrash about your head  
Ur body grows rigid at impending pleasure  
Writhing and thrusting in ecstasy.........  
Your wetness grows between your swollen pussy lips  
flowing copiously down ur butt crack, I grow very thirsty  
My fingers retreat the grips of vaginal contractions  
Ur cream gathers within the folds of your "slit"  
My tongue, long and strong licks you deep between those wet warm lips  
I flick it's tip across your swollen clit  
Whilst my fingers slip inside ur hole  
fuckin' you while I steadily lick  
My dick is so damned hard right now  
Warm breath from your mouth would cause me to cum real damned quick but...........  
Right now is your moment......your clit I begin to suck  
Legs draped cross my shoulders  
My face you begin to fuck  
.......fuckin' me so damned hard right now  
my wet fingers slip, and then they slide  
Licking ur clit, parting your slit, tongue penetrating it
Again, I rake my fingernails slowly down the insides of your thighs.........  
........summoning ur purr-fect body to cum  
Thick, pussy cream, come on mami-give me some  
Mouth wide open, my head squeezed between your soft thighs  
"Aaaaaaaaaah, oh shit baby, I'm cummin'....cummin' right now" you cry....  
Hips-a buckin', your pussy lips I'm suckin'  
Opening and closing of your vaginal cut  
My hands pulling apart the plush cheeks of your hot, seething butt  
Making your body "nutt"; ahhhh young with so much feminine power  
Thrustin' and buckin' and fuckin' my face  
for what seemed like more than an hour  
....and then the passion subsides  
You release my face from between ur thighs  
One last lick of the juice that has collected before my eyes  
Then silence  
Your legs spread 'cross my shoulders  
Tension once again released.....  
.........your passions smolder  
.....till the next time : )
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Published | Edited 21st Jan 2014
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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