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Butta' Creme  (........Chocolate's Reply)

Author's Note (This one was inspired by the song "Cream" by his Royal Badness-Prince as well as Chocolate Drop's "butta' soft azz" )  
"Cream, get on top  
Cream, u will cop  
Cream, don't you stop  
Cream, sh-boogie bop"
Chocolate Drop, man U R a classic!  
My favorite teaser, ur image burnt into my consciousness  
An erotic she beast-appetites massive  
So damned fine girl and this time, I've learned my lesson.  
Standing tall in those "fuck-me-pumps", accentuating those shapely calves, thighs tight, azz cheeks firm and round  
With my mind, you are truly messin' got me singin'
"Ecstasy", man I love that ol'skool song
That one will have you and I dancing and romancing
"All Night Long"
But I'm gonna' want to take a detour on that "Roller Coaster" of love.
By the time I turn you "Upside Down", the Ohio Player's
"Pain" is what you will be thinking of.
"this is it; it's time 4 U 2 go to the wire  
U will hit  
cuz you got the burnin' desire  
It's your time; you got the horn so why don't you blow it.  
U are fine  
You're filthy cute and baby, you know it"
Attacking my run way in that trench coat  
Teasing the shape of that fine, brown frame.  
Accentuating every afro-centric curve  
Like "B" said, "Say my name, say my name"  
"Chocolate Drop" know I crave that sexy-azz double  
And as that trench coat drops to the floor, I know I'm in a whole lot of trouble (.......and I like it!)  
And just maybe......... might have been a slightly "Indecent Proposal"  
But I have in my possession an unending supply of "Good Love" at your disposal.  
So, loose that erotic she-beast on me  
Here upon this passion-filled bed  
"Every day will be like a holiday"  
when you givin' me some of that "gangsta-grade" head  
( U gonna' get phenomenally "dick-fed")  
".....ur so good; baby, there ain't nobody better  
so you should never, ever go by the letter  
So damned cool; everything you do is success.  
Make the rules-then break them all cuz U R the best"
Fo' sho', 2 nite we're straight up fuckin'  
but hey, that's our favorite beastly romance  
Babygirl, you know I'm gonna' "Stand Up In It"  
Gonna' wear that fine azz out if you give me just half a chance.  
Jill Scott told me that "you wanna' be my nasty baby"  
All wet and chocolatey moist between those "strippa' gurl thighs"  
Slide slowy down all 9 inches of this sweet, thick, nubian pole of flesh......  
I'mma' beat the pussy up as soon as I  
Slide that sexy thong over to the "right-hand" side  
(U gonna' feel that sweet sticky thang "POP")  
" ur dance.  why should you wait any longer  
Take a chance.  It will only make you stronger.  
It's your time. You got the horn so why don't you blow it.  
Ur so fine.  Ur filthy cute and baby you know it"
"Can you stand the rain?" (oh yes I'm gonna' make it rain)  
Those Double D cup titties hitting my waiting face  
My hard, hot, throbbing dick  
juxtaposed in a warm, moist, sticky sweet place.  
What? I got those legs a tremblin..... my lips meet "those lips" for just a little taste?  
Squeezin' those butta' soft cheeks with large firm hands  
Wet pussy cream raining down as you "thigh ride" all over my saturated face.......  
[i] (sing it with me baby)"Cream, get on top  
Cream, you will cop  
Cream, don't you ever stop  
Cream, sh-boogie bop"  
(......btw, Raul and the Bently are now both yours)  : )    
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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