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The Need

Author's Note.......Chocolate Drop, I told you I was  A little long but definitely required ; )    
Well, well, well    
My babygirl done been “dick fed” in the early morning light    
But just a few hours ago    
You wanted me but, that's all right    
Bold and damned brazen    
You say you been massaging ur man's balls    
Y'all playing pop-goes-the-weasel    
That's why you ain't returning my calls    
But since I'm more man    
than junior will ever be    
I'm making you an appointment    
“to cum on over and see about me”    
And you don't even have to crank up ur Honda    
to come and get this “good and plenty”    
I'mma give Raul the keys    
He'll be picking you up in my 2011 Black Bentley    
When you step inside my whip    
be carefully aware    
that's fine Corinthian leather    
caressing your body all over up in there    
Come dressed in a classic    
Just a tan trench coat and 5 inch heels    
You'll only need them as far as my bedroom door    
I'll be giving you “something you can feel”    
for real    
Come on in darlin'    
Nothing to fear; nothing to hide    
Drop the coat right there on the floor    
bring your fineness right on inside    
You ask “What's with all this candles and incense?”    
Well baby girl, there's nothing else here you need to see    
Not my riches, not the gifts, any of the fine and exquisite things    
Tonight my baby, you only need to see me    
And what will you see as you step into my room    
Wine, candles and my Spanish guitar    
My naked, oiled body    
The scent of pheremonic natural perfume    
The sight of a fine, manly man    
A true Renaissance Brother    
Gonna' teach you, my beautiful chocolate sista'      
the wonders hidden beneath tailored sheets and satin covers    
So, stop a moment. Wait    
Tell me again exactly what you see    
A fine big specimen of a man    
and yes, those are heat waves rising from the core of me.  
Chocolate Drop, you have made me hot    
Those big brown eyes focused on this thick hunk of Nubian pleasure like a lazer    
and when I finish pleasuring your luxurious brown frame,      
You'll feel like you've been hit by a 40,000 volt taser    
Yes, that's exactly how I'm rolling baby    
and as James so eloquently put it-”momma' come here quick”    
Come on over and lay me down  
Play with my “licking stick”    
It's thick, hot, throbbing and EverReady.    
After all, you said you wanna' be “dick fed”    
Take this monster deep down inside your throat    
Tantalize me with some of that deep, heavenly head.    
Ha, you runnin' wit the devil    
and damn I'm gonna' make you burnin' hot    
Lips lewdly spread around my long, thick black shaft    
With every thrust of my hips, I'mma give you all that I got    
Now I want you to stand up baby    
Walk toward me and straddle my face    
you better lean forward, hands upon the walls    
I'm gonna' spread those sweet pussy lips and steal a little taste    
Gonna' lick that chocolate drop, and that pussy ain't gonna' pop    
She's gonna' explode and even then the pleasure ain't gonna' stop    
As I press my thick fingers deep inside your sugar walls    
Put some pressure on that “G” spot    
I wanna' feel your thick thighs tremble    
Want you feeling just like you gonna' fall...........    
Right into my clutches.......    
Ms. P.Y.T., straddle my lap    
My big strong ass hand grasp those “D” cups    
Squeezing those nipples, making them so damned hard    
Sucking them between my thick, full lips    
Sensual pleasures, such a delight    
your soul will want to clap    
Ahhh............ baby can you feel that      
big dick pulsing, vibrating between your thighs?    
You got fed vienna sausage this morning    
Try this polski kielbasa on for size    
Feel my thick coronal ridge      
My head slipping in slowly; opening you up inside    
ur wet, dripping cocoa kitty cat    
Such pleasures you just cannot hide    
"Joy and pain; Sunshine and rain"    
Your mouth wide open, eyes wide shut    
You feel like you are being slowly, deliciously ripped open    
as my big hands grip your sweet soft butt    
Janet reminds “we go deep.........”    
Inside your core, my penis does creep    
maybe your man might call it a dick    
but just like George Duke, you are now feeling the magic of my    
“Dookey Stick”!    
And I'm gonna' “play 4 U”    
sounds of wet, silky heat    
This rod buried deep inside you, pumping, pulsing      
Feeling me from the top of your head to the soles of your sexy azz feet    
Eyes closing tightly, just b4 u cum    
preparing for the a breath-taking finale    
a crescendo as loud as a kiloton bomb    
And the silence subsides and your body melts into my arms    
We melt into a plush soft, wet, warm passion filled bed    
Remember when you get back home to tell dear junior    
that this time.........    
… have truly been.........    
…....totally dick-fed.    
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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