You brought solace when the storms came
Through rain, hail, and windshear
No fear could surmount your infectious smile
Yet while my attitude slowly shifted from black to gray
You'd stay, and that's incredible to me
The contrast we provide eachother
Us lovers, two of a kind
Part of the same whole, one soul
You've found the missing piece
Though creased, dampened, and partially shredded
You've threaded yourself into my heart... and stitched it back together

Forever I swear myself to you, forever, with no conditions
In sunshine, hurricane, or tsunami, end of all worlds
Hand's curled, I will brave any storm with you
Pursue the dreams never thought to be achieved
Give reprieve to any doubt crawling or creeping within your head
Lay to bed a sound mind, heart, and soul
Make whole the life that started at two points
Anoint our every moment with love
And above all else, dearly beloved, I will hold you as my light
Forever and always, till death do us part
And not even then, for our love is eternal, just as the stars dance at night

And every one of those stars exists for you, the focal point of my universe
As you catch the light that only Such Small hands could
And Nobody, Not Even the Rain can refract the light in a more beautiful array than you
I swear, to this day, I can still feel the lingering sensation of each suture you placed along my heart with its first beats.. They held
The heat... was so intense as it shot through me, even now, like thunder in my vains
You're my pulse... You're my heart, my love, my means to trek on
You are my life, my solace, my Bold and Italic Dream
No moonlight landscape or sunbathed mountain range could captivate me more

Because the love you give is like a mid September day
So beautiful, the trees can't help but blush
The skies nose is stuffed, barely holding back the rain
Even the wind is held speechless, unable to cast a gentle breeze
All to preserve a moment that has every right to last Forever... and Always

My every day is as beautiful as this, simply because we never fell in love
For fall to have to have become fell this moment would have passed us by
Yet every time I see your smiling face... I cannot handle the space between us
The pace of my heart begins to thunder, a vital torrent coursing through my torso
The warm sensation of flushed cheeks... You are the Seraph of my dreams  
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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