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The Veronica Paradox


When I close my eyes, I see Veronica
In the middle of the night I close my eyes
and I dream about Veronica
My sweet Vero, my beloved Vero
the whirring of the fan in her bedroom
her kind and forgiving smile
that reminds me that it really is all good

She told me shed invite me to every party,
and that my art will hang on her wall forever,
or at least until she moved into an apartment that didnt have asbestos.
She and I named everything in her room,
and after class Id stop by
the two of us sprawled on the floor, laughing
Hows Ashley? Is Lily okay?
And FYI, theyre both doing just fine.

But when I think of Veronica and I,
I imagine a star catcher,
I am the monarch butterfly and she is the pin,
the pin driven straight into my wing,
pulling me back to the cardboard that I love so much
We made a world of our own.

Hold my hand, Veronica
College seems so far away
College was never this real to me.
in my daydreams, we are 21 forever,
Drawing each other in a smoke filled room,
i draw her with those perfect black curls surrounding her aura

The same black I see when I close my eyes,
The same black I feel when I close my eyes.

Hold my hand, Veronica
Im lost with her, but its okay, cuz were lost together
Maybe time really does exist outside the kingdom we built for our daydreams
But I dont wear a watch
I watch the moonlight creep through her window,
My celebrity spotlight, limelight,
she stares into the starlight.

I reach out to Veronica.
College seems so far away
College was never this real to me.
Every single hookup in a stuffy house party and every drunk makeout session at a gig and every single pill popped
will never compare to the ecstasy I felt
when you texted me,
Hey, you busy today?
Written by hammind (sarahjean)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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