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She looked so vulnerable, nestled inside my
steel bondage cage; incarcerated in a
subterranean cavern of filth. Watching me
scribe my latest poem with a quill on parchment.

She was collared like a pet, with silver chains
attached to clover nipple clamps. Eating grapes
from a dirty yellow bowl. Roman candles illuminated
dewy limestone walls, as I unlocked the cage.

I ripped off her cotton panties, exposing her derriere.
Spreading her cheeks wide. Probing my tongue into her
dirtiest hole. Lubing her up with my greasy fingers. Reaming her
puckered rose until she winced with pain and pleasure.

She muttered something to me, but I told her to "shut the fuck up."
Grabbing her by the hair to a medieval pillory. Ensnaring her arms
and neck between two wooden planks. She was all mine as I quenched
her thirst for unnatural desires. Tasting depravity to the limit.

I made her watch as I unfurled my thick leather belt. Spreading her legs
wide apart. Flogging her until the tears flowed down her slutty face.
Each stroke leaving a mark, reddening the skin. Then I removed her
from the pillory, soothing the pain with lavender balm.

I tied her hands behind her back with hemp rope. Then placed a large oven bag
over her head; sealing it tight. The only sound she could hear was the
slow, melodic pulse of her blood coursing through her arteries, as her breath
was stolen from her. Transcending ecstasy...on the cusp of life and death.
Written by SaloKaviar (Dark Sun)
Author's Note
I am intrigued by the idea of pushing sexuality to the extreme, however distasteful that may be.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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