Stuck between a dragon and a sword

A mad man created a dragon who sole purpose was to destroy me
It breathe fire that burned as intense as my desire to not let it kill me
But that same mad man forged a sword out of dragons breathe
Something so needed that in the moment it felt heaven sent
Because he gave it to me I wielded the sword, embraced in my arms
I use it to defend myself from the fire, dagger sharp claws and all of the harms,
My opposition, who hope to position
Itself in a strong hold that it would not relinquish
Relentlessly I fought, sometimes through the rising and setting of the sun
even though every battle seemed it could never be won
Repeatedly I dug deep,
as the yawning I had for this dragon to have eternal sleep
But my sword created by the mad man that slash and gash
Until the darken blood of the dragon would stain the grass
Could not †alone kill the nor banish the dragon
Because the sword would break before the last blow every time †
as the dragon would retreat to heal somewhere that I could not find
Here bloodied and beat it again enters my mind
That I cannot help but believe the breaking of the sword has to me part of the mad manís design
It is he, who will give me another sword to fight again with
And I hate the idea of needing this mad man is something I have to live with
I have to fight this dragon because of him
So everything in me wants to do harm to him
But Iím enslaved by the need of his fashioned swords, so unwillingly I bond with him
Knowing †he who created my problem is the only one who can solve them
Written by Murk
Author's Note
This one I saw myself needing the very one who created the need for them
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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