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Descending into the Castle The DUP Murders Part 3

Having read all they could, Crimsin Crowfly            
and GW, joined the rest of the crew                    
with Hades leading the pack.                                    
After long hours and careful review                
of the writings in question, they came up              
empty handed for clues.                
So the boiler room was a wrap!             
not only was it a dead end but a bunch of                
boiled threads starting flooding the room,                
hence to much yelling!                
Viddax suggested to Hades’ that it would be best to                
move on and set up the equipment in the North end,                
then pointed towards a marble staircase not 35 feet        was a grand staircase with mahogany rails.                
So with that, the guys grabbed all the equipment                
and led the way, eager to get the ghost busting started.                
The ladies handled their witchy paraphernalia                
and followed behind the men.                                    
LOL Zazzles brought oils, a small cauldron and weed.  
Crim, brought some edible enchantment charms and has her vial              
of bloodied cunt spray around her neck                
as an offering, what demon can refuse that?                                      
Lady Layla, bad ass that she is brought wine, goblets                
and cigarettes for everyone.                
She also carries a mock 22 pistol loaded                
with a petrifying serum for good measure 😉                                    
ya know, In case things got outta hand.                      
Craic, spoke up and volunteered his experience                
and said “it’s up past this way” the North end                
 is this way, and waved for everyone to follow him.                      
Hades nodded, having been here before he                      
said it’s up past the portraits of some of            
the greatest Poets and Poetess to ever write at            
the Underground and directed his crew towards the direction of           
the last room on the left, the room of            
The room where          
all the unwanted                        
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Looking around, The Deepunderground Castle            
is statuesque and well it should be, with all the            
Poets and potess  resigning there...  
Buck followed closely behind his      
Master HadesRising,and stayed quiet.        
He's a faithful good servant                                  
Things were getting weirder by the minute.                                    
The more they walked and investigate            
the more they were in awe.                
It seems their is magic afoot in the                                    
Underground murders.                
Perhaps the killer or killers were warlocks               
or perhaps witches ?                    
Or both?                    
To be continued ...
Written by Zazzles (Broom)
Published | Edited 15th Nov 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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