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The DUP Murders Part 2

Immediately after assembling his crew
HaidesRising hurried everyone inside the              
“We need a quiet location He said.”              
The Boiler Room, was the obvious choice,              
as this room was once, a heavy hitting forum    
put in place for disputes and solutions,    
a sort of free for all, no holds bared grudge match    
type place.              
“There had to be clues in the many  
 MANY  discussions brought there,    
Zazzles quietly mentioned.”              
Recently a post was discovered and brought    
to Hades’ attention, so he took pictures of the incident  
with his phone and showed them to the crew  
“Poets Beware!”  was scribbled all over the walls    
of the Ghost Club Competition,    
right smack in the middle of the thread.               
On further inspection Lady Layla, pulled out  
a pair of white cotton gloves a brush and    
some fingerprint powder,    
In case there was a trader roaming the halls...              
Meanwhile, Zazzles, was assembling  
 the paranormal activity equipment    
EVP recorders, an so on, making sure  
 it all worked properly.  
Crowfly, and Crimsin were reading and    
rereading the posts in the Boiler Room archives.    
Not faraway was Goddess-Worship,    
typing away gathering only the facts...        
Todsky, texted, saying “he was busy at home,              
but he’d be around after supper...”              
Viddax was at the helm making sure the          
Poetry  that was never read or commented on    
was deciphered and put on the push boards    
 scattered all over the room...        
Everyone was busy doing something    
to help in this very sorted very odd investigation.            
Still, Something felt off, something or someone  
was missing. that’s it, thought Hades’ we need a    
couple of lookouts. two fierce poets who could    
handle a crowd should we all be discovered    
with malice.       
So Hades’ decided to inlist in the help of              
The Leprechaun, aka Criac Dealer, aka              
The Reporter, if there’s a story, he’s got it!              
Not to mention he never backs down!              
And, SnuggleBuck, HadesRising’s,              
personal Heeb, his sidekick,              
SnuggleBuck The Sly, aka The Humbler              
aka The Town-Crier, Known for his larger    
than life  talent in taking one on the chin    
for the betterment of the team and    
his investigative charisma .              
To be continued...
Written by Zazzles (Broom)
Published | Edited 23rd Jul 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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