So simple it could be…

So simple it could be if I could just be simple
How easy would it be to mingle, if I could relate to the latest jingle?
And not see it as a deliberate attack, design to persuade, invade
Cascade with so much substantial evidence that’s been produced in just the last decade/
Hold up here I go again…
I know, I know it’s just a song, don’t get me wrong I to like to sing along when it comes on
I too would like to watch a little football, cheer, sit back and drink a beer
Instead of reflecting on the social injustices occurring throughout the year
With several players taking a knee and making their massage clear
Thought president and alt-right say they should act right
And thank God they live in this great country before go to bed at night
While ignoring the police shooting, cultural looting and flint water polluting
Societies uprooting, boiling a race war if we don’t start the hate cooling
I mean I too want to be cool, like the coolest kid in school…
You know cool as a glacier, I mean cool as they use to be,
Carbon dioxide, greenhouse effect and basic chemistry
Right now its apparent the polar bears are suffering the most
But we do have waters rising on the east and west coast
Warmer waters are causing super storms, science warns
But somehow are bipartisan government on the issue remains torn
Ok brains settle down, you’re so hard to hang around
Asking me shit like if a tree falls in the wood and no one’s around does it really make a sound/
I mean don’t you want to be able to connect with someone, love some settle down and marry that special one,
I do , I do, look forward to hearing I do then I rebuttal I do , but I do know that
51 percent of marriage ends in divorce and of course turns into a drawn out battle of love gone wrong in court/
A percentage of woman only get married for support and the rest hang around looking for the day there spouse is a corpse,
Ok forget it I'm going to take it slow but I’m going to give a real example of how far my brain can go,
Like other day I had a taste for a Oreo but then I contemplated for ions if a double stuff Oreo was infect double the stuff of a normal stuff Oreo. and I marvel at it so long I couldn’t bring myself to eat the Oreo.
I go to church they told me God saved man, I think but didn’t he have the ability to stop the accident before it happen with just a wave of a hand.
Does God exist I wonder that all the time, though most scientist do agree the greater design,
I mean maybe man took all they hopes, fears, dreams and doubts and created God as a symbol,
Or maybe he is real and could he help me cause So simple it could be if I could just be if I could be simple
Written by Murk
Author's Note
I ruin a lot of the simple thing pleasures in life with not being able to see things for only what they are
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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