Connection Between Holy of Holies and Womb:  Evidence for Theistic Evolution !!!

The word for mercy in Hebrew comes from the word for womb.    
So the "mercy seat" (God's throne) in the Holy of Holies (the inner room of the Temple) is suggestive of the womb.    
I was glad to find out the connection between mercy and womb,      
for I already saw the temple as female, with the Holy of Holies as symbolic of the womb.      
Why do I say the Jewish Temple should be thought of as female??      
Well the Church is likened to a wife.    
For Paul the apostle writes, "Husbands love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself for Her"(Ephesians 5.25).    
So the temple, being the forerunner, should also be female.      
The High Priest wears a bulbous turban not surprisingly, when he enters the Holy of Holies.      
He sprinkles blood on the sides of the Mercy Seat (Leviticus 16.14-15),    
like the extension of the husband sprinkles at point of climax at the door of the uterus, ie, the cervix,  with the seed then traveling into the uterus.      
Yes, like the womb is the innermost part of a woman's body,      
the Holy of Holies is the innermost room of the temple.      
The birth canal in front of the cervix, corresponds to the "Holy Place" in front of the curtain.
With the cervix corresponding to the curtain separating the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies.      
But what's really my point?      
The two cherubs are above the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25.17-20)    
like the two Fallopian Tubes are above the uterus.      
Each cherub is actually a composite creature.      
a combo of the head of a man, wings of an eagle, body of a bull, and claws of a lion (Ezekiel 1.10; 10.14).    
Now what possible purpose can God have in combining these 3 animals with Man ??      
It doesn't make any sense does it??      
Certainly not to the Fundamentalist mind !!      
No it definitely doesn't,      
for there is no connection between the various lifeforms of Nature,      
at least not according to the Fundies.      
 God created everything separately.      
(And only 6,000 years ago !!)      
But lets look at it from the standpoint of TE: Theistic Evolution.      
The bird can represent the reptiles of which it is a modification.      
Being united with the bull and lion in the cherub can convey that reptiles produced the mammals --      
Yes, from reptiles the mammals evolved.      
Finally, there is Man, God's crowning acheivement.      
God had to step into Nature personally in order to create Man  (according to Genesis 1.26-28).      
The message so far is that the first species produced the second then the third, etc.    
Finally Man appeared.      
God created  Man VIA the animals.  
This is shown explicitly by the unity of the 3 animals and Man in the two cherubs !!!      
By having the cherubs in the Holy of Holies atop the Ark of the Covenant,  which is a copy of the womb,      
God is showing us that the evolution of the reptile into the mammals into Man occurred in the womb !!      
(For gene mutations show up as genes are expressed - as the embryo/fetus developes.In the womb).
We know God dwells in the Holy of Holies in a special way (on the Mercy Seat) "between the cherubim"(Psalms 80.1; 99.1).    
And since the Holy of Holies is modeled after the womb,      
this tells us God dwells in the WOMB in a special way as well.      
If evolution took place in the womb, it is fitting that a 4-part composite creature should be placed where??      
In the Holy of Holies,      
right in the room that represents the womb !!
(Writing later), Now the only problem is that i have called the Ark of the Covenant a copy or likeness of the womb,
but i have also called the room, "the Holy of Holies," a copy of the womb.
Since the Holy of Holies corresponds to the uterus, the two cherubs really belong above that room. rather than in it.
For the two Fallopian Tubes are above the uterus.
But instead the cherubs are above the Ark of the Covenant.
But that's ok, for we can simply take that ark as miniature of the Holy of Holies.
Also i forgot to get into the Ark of the Covenant itself.
What does it represent??!!  
Well it contains the two slabs of stone  upon which the Ten Commandments were written.
They are instructions for the ordering/functioning of society much like DNA = the instructions for the building of the body.
Anyway, the Covenant/Ten Commandments can be thought of as the ovum !!
For what is the ovum if not the bundle of instructions for making the body (of the offspring).
So when the High Priest smears blood on the side of the Ark with his finger that corresponds ruffly to the seed connecting with the ovum in the womb.
(Think of him not smearing blood on the side of the Ark but on the tablets themselves.)
There, I am glad I added the part about the Ark.
For the metaphor wasn't complete until then.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
Published | Edited 16th Jul 2018
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