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No Rest For The Wicked...

I did my best to try and not show that Iím crazy as fuck, but Iím a ticking time bomb and Iím ready to erupt.  
I might just go ahead and put that 9 to my brain, and maybe then the pain will stop, or am I going insane?
Clearly I canít think straight my mind, itís fucking racing. Is death really worse then the sentence thatís awaiting?  
Please! Donít tell me to calm down. You donít understand shit! Iím up the creek without a paddle, the rivers flowing like the blood from my wrists. You didnít know that I slit? Showís how much you pay attention. Not enough to see the pain Iím in is beyond imagination.  
I prayed that I wouldnít wake, and yet somehow Iím still here. Started to think that things were getting better but that hope disappeared. whereís a blunt when I need It? Right now, Iíd kill to roll one up. Iíd use the heat from my anger and spark It right the fuck up. The only one who seemed to get me met her demise too earlyÖ Rest in peace mama, what I wouldnít do to have you back here in a hurry.  
This is what I get? The devilís working too hard, to try and sabotage my livelihood, with her words she bombards.  
Donít think that you know me. You donít know Jack! Danielís the only one whoís ever really had my back. He picks me up when Iím down, and even though It makes me sick, heís always there by my side, to my buds his taste does stick. Shot after shot, the nightly troubles seem to fade away, only to resurface in the morning, regurgitated from my hungover haze.
somehow I must deserve this, from past sins Iíve committed, an insomniac forever as thereís no rest for the wicked.
Written by fvcks0ci3ty (Tiffanie)
Published | Edited 24th Jun 2018
Author's Note
Written and recorded in a sad and slightly drunken state...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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