Bitch, please...

I AM... civil but fierce when you cross that line, and intrude upon my inner peace.  

I was never blessed with a privelaged life when I came into this world, yet I'm despised for the hard work I've undertaken over the years.  

WTF ? †

I won't apologise for anotherís inability to do the same, especially as you take advantage of those who do nothing but nurture & nourish you.  

You donít deserve me, and thatís the bottom line.  

You never took the time to value my presence in your life, and now, you focus on my absence and point fingers whilst trying to justify your pathetic fucked up selfish behaviour. †

I wonder how you sleep at night with the weight of all those lies ? †

Didnít your father ever teach you to never lie to to the woman you want to wake up next to, tommorow ? †

I could never fathom the concept of being kept, anchored to your misery.  

Kept, in a cycle of your miserable lies until my heart was placed under house arrest, and disadvantaged with no earning capacity as the foundation for independence.  

You wear jealousy like a second skin. However, you never appreciated me when you had me in the palm of your hands, kneeling before you.  

So, why bother wasting your breath, and redirecting the hatred you birthed internally, towards me ?!  

Itís always a matter of time until I can't stand the fucking side of someoneís ongoing litany of lies, and you're wondering why, I despise those lies ?!  

Bitch, please.... donít ever do that, and think itís OK !?  

Years of hard work now enables me to live comfortably without compromising my sanity, or settling for a douche bag that wants me to be his doormat. †

I donít need you. †

And. I donít need the head fuckery you have to offer as my sanity isnít for sale.  

So. Please, don't hate me because I value a functional sane bond as opposed to the misery associated with a dysfunctional bond. †

It took me years to chisel myself from that perspective, to learn to break away from those who claim to love me whilst backhanding me in the same breath.  

Fuck you, you selfish heartless cunt ! †

I might be a woman but I earn my keep, and my earning capacity is beyond your common sense when you default to patheticism by attempting to tear others down with your words.  

One day, youíll fall into the deep dark unforgiven ditch because you donít know who you are, deep down. †

I embrace my darkness graciously, and utilise it's expertise until I learn the art of refinement. †

May I suggest you get the fuck off of your high horse, and learn to be a little more mature & grounded. †

I heard the song that called me home when my lips first grazed your flesh, yet your lies & bitterness consumed us both until we were both hollow from the inside out.  

I was never cut out to be scrubbing any mans floors, and you have nothing of substance below the surface, and what remains... is all fucked up, bitter & twisted from all the whores you lie with  

And still... I rise above all your BS because I know that you know no better, yet you think youíre entitled to redirect your lies towards those who are capable of seeing right through you !
Written by shadow_starzzz
Author's Note
Apology, not accepted !

I wasnít born in the last shower...
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