Twist me

I wish you could see you as I do
Then those insecurities wouldn't be
Because your perfect to me
And fuck what they think and all do
It's me and you
You and I
And I will fight and love you till I die
Last breath leaving me
Saying fuck the world
But remembering my babygirl
And all the love I had with her
Every night I got to hold her
Kissing her forehead telling her I loved her

To me you are the perfect being
For the imperfect me
In this chaotic world
And we're both in need
We each fuel and complete
Keeping our internal components thinking and free
I can tell you anything ..
I think
And you can to
I just need a minute after if it's a big kaboom
I'm sorry for that
I really am kitten
It's not that I'm mad at you or judging you
It's that I wasn't there to protect you
Or I wish I was the one there with you
I only want you
And I crave you to desire me
I know you're an amazing woman
One I don't deserve
I mean , you rubbed my back at that teriyaki restaurant
 In front of everyone
, Just to make me happy
I only thought shit like that happened in movies.!
I see it
That's the love you promised me
Your right
You are loving me like I've never seen
I feel complete..
So I know why I feel so much anxiety
This must be a dream
Your to surreal
A dream come true
So my mind tells me it's fake
It's Impossible
How could she love you

How can you love such a beast? Me?
I'm sorry I'm not ...good
I'm sorry I'm not wealthy..
I'm sorry I'm not everything you want and I wish I could be ,
I'm willing to do anything if it means keeping you happy
I will evolve and overcome
And still make my dreams happen
But I want you happy first
I'm sorry I've been selfish
I'm sorry I've rushed and pushed
I know your greatness
I know your worth
Your worth everything to me
Your mind is fucking amazing
So God damn sexy
Your body memorizing
Seducing and mouth watering
I crave your taste
Your scent in my brain
It's aroma causing primal madness
Blurring my vision
Driving me insane
All I think is I must have it
Lick it
Taste it

Breed it
 fuck it ! attack it !
Devour every inch of it !
Hearing your moans and whimpers is a symphony
Your warm body underneath me
Shaking and quivering
It's lust and need for me !
My desire to please!

I want to give it all to you
All of my energy and seed
All of my being
Closing my eyes I connect with you
Our bodies colliding into the atmosphere
Electric colors kaleidoscoping in my eyes
I'm pure energy exploding with life
Wishing right their in that moment I would die
Thinking this is the heaven I dream of at night

Two souls feeling as one
Living breathing as one
I feel invincible with you in my arms
 that's the truth
I only feel blue when I think your done .
That you hate me
 and there's no more love or feeling
That your giving up and walking away
That my best friend and lover no longer feels the same
I love you like no other
I hold you like no other
I confide and trust in †you like no other
I know you like no other
And I still want you like no other !

I want you to be my wife
I want to love you every night
I fear I've lost you
I fear I'm not good enough for you
I fear I fail you and just hurt you..
And each time I make a mistake you hate me more to ..
Each time loving me less ..
Till you leave me hollow and broken like the rest ..
Like Family and friends ..

I will never give up on you
I will keep loving you
Day after day till you believe it's true
I want my life with you
I worship you
I fucking love the shit outta you crystal
I'm sorry I'm stupid and broken
I only hope you still love me and I'm worth keeping to
I hope I haven't failed you

Written by Cosmonaut-x
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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