Reciprocal Howl for Alan Ginsberg or Pinch Me Iím Screaming

Welcome to the world! A rubbery sterilized latex hand smacks your naked prehistoric womb-fresh body square on the back. From then on itís grow up, drink your milk, stay in school, get a job, respect your elders, buy a car (but NOT a SUV) , have a kid, donít chew with your mouth open, FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY, and donít do drugs!
† Pop tarts, pie charts, dirty blond Molotov cocktail. Riots baby! And war in the back yard. Super Size, standardized, but who can stand it anymore? Donít you worry, thereís a pill for that, and stock options, and vodka tonics Ė for the atomic economy. Mass-produced monotony, but whatcha gonna do about it? Blow your brains out? Take a shot, one stop shopping for a strip tease, strip mall, quite the hall for the bargain hunter, the rumrunner. †Even the presidents ran, all the way to Iran! Hightailed and bee-lined, straight for the pipeline. Save the oceans! Go fuck a whale! Global warmings set the polar icecaps a sail!
† † † † Be an individual or Get Out, stand up, fit in, turn it, tune out, turn me on, but donít do anything I wouldnít do, because itís sink or swim in this White-collared Blue-balled businessmanís world, and my inner tube has a hole in it, and the only thing I can get to inflate is the economy.
† † † † Someone should send the government a subscription to Cosmo, because quite frankly Church and State are having an affair, and it says, right here on page seven, that friends with benefits simply do not work.
† † † † †Baby boomers birth corporate consumers Ė gentrified eccentric, General Electric! And everybody wants a piece of the pie, but with prices so high, you might as well die. Stock market crash, black market hash, God FORBID a gay senator Ė we only take cash. Buy, sell, trade or lease. I just want a piece of mind; fuck world peace.
† † † † †Just incase your cell phone has no service, your Internet provider is on vacation, or you are just generally oblivious to the 6,000,000 watts of offensive flashing neon lights and raunchy explicit view-obstructing billboards, turn up the volume on your pace-maker so you can hear the media scream alternately: Try the combo meal, Jesus died for your sins, get your high school diploma online, God bless our troops, and BEHOLD THE POWER OF CHEESE!
† † † † †Our fast food joints boast over 4,000,000 served; but how many are stupid, fat, illiterate, and sitting in front of their T.V. sets? We donít need no education, but if we did, you better believe that we would leave no child left behind. So what if they canít read? They can still count the calories on the side of their cereal box. Primetime, family time, quality time, anytime Ė itís all a scam. Donít be a sucker for corn syrup false advertising, or trendy packaging Ė even though I am.
Cross your fingers when you say the Pledge of Allegiance; one fucking nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, bitch! Run with scissors and pray with your eyes open too, while youíre at it. Just donít let Big Brother, Sister Mary, your parents, your principal, the school board, the PTA, NRA, FBI, CIA, CBS, NBC, MTV, BET, or VH 1 catch you. And NEVER SELL OUT! Even if all they want is to launch a mini-series, shoot a made-for-T.V. movie, take your photo, run some tests, draw some blood, or steal your soul.
† † † †An autopsy is being preformed on a has-been supermodel somewhere, probably a drug overdose. Your neighborís dog is on trial for attempted battery of a b-list politician. A celebrity gets the electric chair for insider trading. You wake up in a cold sweat and reach for the light, which is of course burnt out, not that it really matters anyway, you werenít having a nightmare, it was just the American Dream.
Written by intheAM
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