Brimstone and roses

"Now it's time to say goodbye
To the things we loved and the innocence of youth
How the time seemed to fly
From our carefree lives and the solitude and peace we always knew"

I cannot save you from the fairytales
that left you small
folded in reminder that you tried
and we failed
within your

Shit happens

One more beer
270.9 miles away and I
still can't touch anything
dear friend
my hands sacrificed
clawing out a grave
in vain
I know I'm giving up
you're trying harder
in my dreams
and there's a little boy with a smile
I'd sing for
if the birds
could hold auditions
for the weary
and wingless

Don't damn the sky
stars and moonlight
I won't cast a spell
my beautful angel
in demise
it wont bring me any closer
to the pretty make believe
heaven bound
hell sent deity's
that stole your life
from me

and I know
there's something ancient
something older than the words
in any poetry
that spoke to you
that craddles your soul in a destitude
between the trees
no rain
could wash away
the night you died
the night I rewind
and still can't seem to get high enough
to say that I'm so insanely
fucking sorry
I couldn't save
you from
out loud

Pretty boy
harbinger of the wolfsbane
on my nightstand
the gnarled midnight fog
calls you away
and nightmares swarm
underneath the mystery of blood and monsters
I close my eyes
gunpower and bone..
a grim reminder -
"Of the emptiness
and saddness
that has come to
take the place of you"

Cold sweats...
there's a gun against
my head
half dead
detrimental little
in confused
hawthorne red

I'm a precarious concoction
of chemical warfare
and gargoyle possession
fingerpainting cursive letters
between splintered cracks in
dull marble slab tile
and volatile
like lovesick
a pheromone laced confession
in daily crisis
for disappointment
and fucking christ
your silence screams at me
more than years
and years
and years...

Written by kourtnissixxx
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