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they all came  
the pimps..pastors  
street politicians and pill pushers  
preyed on her innocence  
these propped up purveyors of insolence  
tried to hide behind  
carefully crafted veneers  
nudged her fledgling pride to the side  
pried open her insecurities  
spied upon her vices  
lied as they hinted at the truth  
to a freshly minted teen  
about to embark  
on the arduous journey between  
menstruation and menopause  
unprepared for a cause and effect UNI-verse  
her faith in men cast off in a hearse  
her sense of self ravaged  
repeatedly by savage intentions  
violations unreported  
sexuality distorted..growth thwarted  
mind suspended in animation  
unwittingly thrust into  
a latter day suffrage movement  
seeking salvation from salivating wolves  
amongst the sisterhood  
of victims past present and future  
only to have  
her pent up vitriol prostituted  
through the agenda of gender politics  
constituted in the ideology of  
using unhealed pain as a pedestal  
seduced her loyalty  
told her she was of royalty  
worthy of reverence  
without innerstanding the value  
of wizdom respect or humility  
wooed her further out of balance  
recruited her body as a utility  
introduced her to duplicitous in tactics  
taught her how to practice undisciplined magik  
the fallout so tragic  
exalting the power of the "P" above  
the power of the mind..the heart  
the spirit..the soul  
just another hole in the earth  
dug in the midnight hours  
turned her womb into a tomb  
fulfilling a promise of no more baby booms  
aborting ethics along with the future  


put her on the front line in  
a man-ufactured war waged for years and years  
leaving more fears unreconciled  
more tears hidden behind closed doors  
left bedridden..alone  
with her four walls enclosing incrementally  
her demons ever encroaching  
hissing in her thoughts  
coaxing her into  
trespassing the lines of defined reality  
into a custom made  
labyrinth of lucid delusions
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 3rd May 2018
Author's Note
men manipulate women
women manipulate women
society manipulates women
and the mind suffers as a consequence
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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