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Spiriling down    
Deeper and deeper    
Darker and darker    
Further and further    
Body locked in rock    
Head tilted back    
Eyes of spook half moons of glacial blue    
A truly disturbing sight of fright    
Her thoughts drifting to a frigid winterland a million miles far far from home    
Ruinous tornadic winds noxious with maggots sickly sweet ripeness of rot    
Howling across icy canyons    
Thunderous sparks of white-hot lightening    
Snapping the sky    
Rattling the ground    
Shattering the silence    
Wicked destruction    
All that was left to be found    
Heathens eyes snapping    
Sneaking about    
Creepily creeping    
Stealthily stalking    
Shrilly screeching    
Snatching the souless    
Thieving bodies    
Gorging on carcases    
Guarding the blackened lakes of ice    
Poisonous vermilion spiders stripes of tangerine    
Hissing sparks of cobolt blue    
Their nails tipity tapin    
An echo that can be heard for miles and miles    
Itty bitty mighty mites    
A vibrant shade of sparkling jade and highly toxic    
Slurping up the blood from the dangerous pale silvery fractured glass altering the pale blue landscape of snow and ice    
Wriggling slowly    
Inch by inch by inch    
Whispering tsk tsk tsk    
Onyx bitterflys    
Pearl pink speckled bitty bits Winkle upon delicate feathery wings however they are known to be deadly with a poisonous venom    
The winterlands bejeweled beauty queens can be heard softly gently titterin raunchy naughtiness in the soft light violet of early afternoon    
Anxiously they fliter flater through the icy canyons    
Panicked by the heathens    
Speedily they fliter flater ever onward    
Wispy fluffs of lapis swirls infused with the palest of pink    
Most times float lazily about    
And sometimes the bitter freeze whips violently strong winds      
 Sending them into a frenzy of whirling and twirling until the sky bleeds an eerie purplish hue    
A beautiful spook of chaos    
It's a confusing tumultuous world    
The only inhabitants are the forsaken and the beastly creatures roaming about    
I know paradise right    
Let me let you in on a secret    
Winterland is a caliginous bone chilling abyss    
A destination of the forsaken and forlorn    
Ruled by tyranny    
It's Overlord lurks deep in the shadows    
Peering at one and all behind glass shutters      
He sees everything      
He hears everything      
He knows everything      
No way out      
Locked in chains      
All sorts of trickery      
All sorts of games      
All sorts of pain Locked and trapped in nightmares chains      
Trapped forevermore    
No not paradise    
A most freightening destination winterland is          
Written by SURVIVOR
Published | Edited 3rd May 2018
Author's Note
I forgot something:

A most freighting destination winterland is

{Freighting: journeys of great fear:
The speeding of flights fear} my sorriest of sorrys,
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