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Image for the poem Leah And Me.....(my first time)

Leah And Me.....(my first time)

…......a brand new Black Trans-Am (no I ain't the damned Bandit)        
T-Tops down , sun setting on the horizon        
A warm summer breeze, the smells of ocean salts        
The night begins to wind down        
in a small peninsula town        
Me and Leah, tonight        
Together for the first time; “my first time”        
19, geeky and squeaky clean        
in the coolest car my friends have ever seen........        
…..and this girl with her fine self        
Is diggin' me.  Gonna' make her smile        
No shame in my game-doing the nasty is on my mind        
I'm so damned nervous but I'm hoping that I can        
Remember all the things I am supposed to do        
to please her and let her know I'm “her” man.        
Along Chesapeake Avenue, we drive        
Cruising the waterfront, we park in a neighboring jetty        
Houses all along the street        
We don't care 'bout that.  We're both hot and ready........        
… and ready, my my my!!!        
Stolen moments that will change she and I forever        
I struggle so hard to say something very clever........        
…...but she stops me cold with hot wanton kisses        
This raging heat I'm feeling inside        
I never ever thought it would be like this        
The anxiety of the moment is rising        
My body is sweating, I'm way beyond hot        
she's sucking my tongue completely out of my throat        
and her fingers are hitting all the right spots        
Damn Leah, with ur sexy azz self!        
Her hands have found their way beneath my shirt, massaging my stiffening nipples        
Pinching them between her fingertips        
My nervous stomach begins to ripple        
… that Betty Wright song:        
“ I'm nervous and I'm trembling”        
'Cuz tonight, I'm gonna' get it in        
feverishly, my hands loosen the buttons of her scantily clad shorts        
Down past the waistband of her panties        
Fulfillingness 1st Finale, my fondest fantasy begins        
Right here on the avenue        
under the stars with the T-Tops down        
Faster than the speed of light, my pants are off        
I toss them from the car out onto the ground        
“Slow down baby, wait a minute” to her soft sexy voice I listen        
Somehow, she rose up from that back seat        
Her pussy wet, pants and panties missing        
It's like a damned dream 2 me.......        
Starry sky; bright moonlight        
I can see her mound, hair copiously wet        
My mind is racing, my heart is pumping        
Temperature rising, I'm in a cold, cold sweat        
Her hand grabs for my swollen, pulsating cock        
she begins to skillfully guide me in........        
….....a new sensation I'm feeling that is so surreal        
This pleasure somehow has to be an unforgivable sin.        
On the wave of a wet, silky heat        
My hips propel my hard, hard dick        
deep inside her-to the bottom of those “sugar walls”        
I'm stroking her so hard and so damned fast,  I feel like        
her “mouth” is gonna' completely swallow my turgid, tight balls        
Jaw dropped open, my eyes are full of tears        
Body blazing and on fire My mind won't let me        
believe that I am right here.........        
…......inside this pussy so damned sweet.        
She throws her legs upon my shoulders        
“Deeper sweet baby”..I drive her hips deep into the back seat        
Our loud moans echo off the walls of the mansions along the water        
They inundate the interior of the cars passing along the street        
….....neither of us have never ever felt a pleasure so damned intense        
I feel as if I'm going to die        
The car is bouncing and rocking        
Balls slapping, booty clapping        
Moon feet turned up to bless the sky        
This pleasure which seems unending        
probably only lasted mere minutes        
She rocked my body so, so good        
The cap was off and I  spewed my hot, white love juice        
Deep, deep all up in it        
I melt into her core........such a shame to call it “pussy”        
Slowly, she winds those big baby-making hips        
The back seat of the car is hot, wet, and deliciously gooey        
…..just like chocolate and caramel crème        
Our bodies are shaking, holding to each other        
Locked up in a deep soul kiss        
My soul wants to scream and shout        
Rap, rap, rap upon my left side fender        
“Hey you two, y'all got to get the hell out”        
…...the police chick spoke with a decidedly southern drawl        
She actually was quite nice and understanding        
as we gathered up our clothes and all        
“You two have a real nice night”        
Back to her cruiser, laughing, she strode        
I re-fired that rumbling V-8 motor        
and we rolled back out onto the road        
Holding hands and sensual kisses        
All the way back to her dorm        
I remember that look, those bright sparkling eyes        
My body still tingly and warm..........        
(…........thank you darling Leah for making this young buck feel like a “natural man”        
I will never, ever forget U.)        
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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