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Hit the Shower

After a long and stressful day
Im really itching to hit the shower
To feel the warm water wash my stress away
I could stay in here for hours.
A shiver passes down my spine
As the shower door swings out
I turn around and see something so divine
My throat goes dry as if suffering from drought.
And a form of drought I am suffering from
The miserable torture of being untouched
Despite your primal stare, I feel calm
And from within spreads a deep flush.
You step inside and close the door
The small space suddenly feels even more confined
Your darkened eyes send shivers down to my very core
I look at your body and admire its design.
You approach me and push me back against the wall
You press your warm lips against my sensitive neck
I gasp in delight, and pressed against you I feel so small
I feel so blessed to have you; I picked the right card from the deck.
You grab my hair and force me to look into your eyes
Those gorgeous blue-green orbs are enough to get me wet
Your member pokes at my abdomen and Im taken aback by its size
You give me that cocky smile that I adore as if saying: This is as good as youll get.
Your strong hand plays with my breasts and pinches my nipples
Its exactly the way I love it; youre driving me wild
The water cascades down and causes ripples
Your touch ignited the sparks and is fueling my fire.
As you bite my neck, your nimble fingers slide south
You gently caress my sacred part, and slowly slide one finger into my heat
You mute my moans by sticking your tongue into my mouth
As nice as your gentle strokes feel, theyre not enough for me to feel complete.
My moans get louder as you play with my clit
My nails dig into your back the way that you like
You guide your member to rest at my entrance, waiting for me to submit
You already know what I want, no need to be a psyche.
You slide into me slowly and I shudder in unrestrained pleasure
Inch by inch your member rubs against my walls
You are my oasis in a merciless desert
Good thing youre holding me up otherwise Id fall.
You pick up the pace and begin to thrust
I follow your lead, and rotate my hips
Even in this primal joining youre still the only one I can trust
The pleasure between my legs increases and I bite my lips.
Each thrust of yours brings you in faster and deeper
Our eyes lock as we continue to grind against each other
You kiss me hard and I respond back eagerly
Your taste intoxicates me, and I know that I can never belong to another.
 Your member hits all the sweet spots inside of me
I tilt my head back and I feel myself getting closer
You pick up the pace and leave kisses that electrify me
Im simply a passionate melody and you are the composer.
My moment has come, and I let out a cry
Your breathing gets harder as you allow your release
We lean against each other as we recover from our high
After an exhilarating voyage, Im now at peace.
I sigh in pure bliss as you wrap me in your arms
I can still feel your heartbeat inside of my core
We have to clean off again, huh? you say as you kiss my palms
I smile as I feel your hardness once more. Lets go for more.
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