I Do Not Talk Politricks ( Normally )

I Normally , ( What Me Normal ? ) Do Not Talk Politricks ,  

I More Like A Magic Man Doing What I Can , Takin' A Stand  
Yet What Is Goin' On It Be So Sick , Not Sick Like A Good Ride  
But Sick Like An Ache Inside , Tearin' The Heart , Tearin' The Soul  
Leaving One Empty Rather Than Whole , Wonderin' And Cryin' Why ;  
You Can Hear Humanity , In The Insanity , Just Weep And Sigh ,  
Break It Down Try To Understand , Try To Make It , So Many Fake It ,  
Pain's Too Great , So Many Tempt Fate , So Many Just Don't See ,  
What They Do To Create a Destiny , Where We Cannot Be Free ,  
Cannot Make Our Own Choices , Drown Our Voices , All They Hear  
Is What They Want , What They Say , Just Games They Play , Cause  
They Want To Be On Top , And They Do Not Stop , They Only Hear Their  
Own Talk Not Walk Their Walk , Creating Fear , Far And Near , And They  
Know But They Don't Care , They Just Stare From Their High Thrones ,  
Throwing Stones At Their Glass Walls , And Watching As The Bones  ,  
Pile Up On The Side Walks , And They Talk Out Of Mouths That Have  
Never Spoken Truth To The Common Folk , They Be A Joke , They Be  
A Systematic Attack On Our Consciousness , Refusin' To Just Confess To  
Their Crimes , They Think We Blind , But We See , Ain't No Mystery ,  
Ain't Nothin' Lost In Translation , They Be Like An Infestation Of Disease ,  
And Then They Say Please Just Elect Us , Don't Reject Us , We Are Doing  
All This For Your Own Good , Yeah , Go Tell That To The Brothers In The Hood ,  
Go Tell That To Those Sleepin' On The Streets Tell It To Those Who are Starvin'  
Cause They Got No Food , And You All Be So Rude To Say We Ain't Got No Right  
To Ask For A Hand , Ain't Even A Demand , You Make Us Beg , While You Got Your  
Gold Plated Toilet Seats , The Way You Treat Us , Hurts Us and Then You Got Your  
Private Jets , And Pay Hookers For Their Silence , And You Wonder Why There Is  
The Craziness , Why There Is The Violence Then You Say I'm Presidential I Think  
You Just Be Mental , Detrimental , A Stranger To Need , Why You Even Breed , You  
A Danger , But We Got Your Number , Remember The Five Percenters , Some Were  
Our Mentors , And Now It's Our Turn , With Our Words With Our Songs We Gonna  
Burn You We Say No More We Say Me Too  , You Don't Know What We Gonna Do ,  
You Just Don't Know What Be Comin' , We Are Rising It's On The Horizon , We Are  
Comin ' We Are The Old We Are The Young , We Are The Ones You Want To Just Forget ,  
Kill Us ,  Unfullfill Us , But We Are Still Here , And Hear This We Have Lost Our Fear ,  
The Time Is Past For That , This Is Where The Last Shall Be First And The First Shall Be Last  
Do You Hear Me , I Can See It , Like The Seer I Be , We Have a Dream And It Ain't Yours  
The Door Is Open , We Got The Beat We Got The Pen We Gonna Talk Hard We Gonna Do Right ,  
And There Ain't A Fuckin' Thing You Can Do About It , We Got The Torches And They Are Lit ,  
With The One Thing We Need To Set Us Free , And That As The Poets We Be Is : Word !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
Published | Edited 24th Apr 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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