Thinking of you got me tingling and feeling blushed...First day I seen you right away I knew that I had it in for you and made a conscious effort to avoid getting a thing for you because In my eyes you seem like the kinda guy that knew that...youíre flyy and to me thatís a sign of a guy thatís trouble because from what i know of those are the types that will take you on a trip that sometimes you donít return from like taking a Molly or an E -itís Living dangerously. It was news to me when you threw a little hint about you being attracted to me took less than a few to find myself confused but then again feeling amused...I mean really youíre a muse dancing to beats of songs which words you donít know and donít use, your expression confused cause your native tongueís unused. †And so you may not understand nor be bilingual but baby I am try-lingual for those words you hear they take me through spheres feelingsí deep in my chest and dancing to them bring about years of emotions and cheers but also tears. †Under a musical spell i am enchanted and while dancing with you itís granted, that your smile, hypnotizes anyone within miles, I want to turn and walk away rather than watch that tinkle in your eye shine and lure me into the thoughts deep in my mind that only come with wine giving me a sign that i want to make you mine cling my legs around your spine like a vine let you hear me whine and do things that feel divine. † I want my tongue traveling up and down your shaft and from below your chest watch your eyes roll back and hear you sigh making my juices flow and rise cause God knows you make me feel high...Youíre in your own world and I want in. Yes I said it I want in. †I want to invade you with kisses and stride your strokes along with sweet blisses while kissing your neck and showing you moves that †you didnít teach me the ones that just come in instances of intimacy...the ones that you donít share...Unless weíre both bare and naked entranced in an affair but beware of forthcoming despairs and when you get scared and say you no longer care soon after youíll realize that Iím rare jussayiní I want to make you aware we have so much in common but donít want to overbear just being laissez-faire.
Written by flyymela
Published | Edited 2nd Aug 2019
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