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"there are indeed levels of intent          
i see yours is on HGH today"          
it's a woman like you who          
keep my on my toes          
givin no reprieve for a brotha          
no time to grieve over past failures          
crashing in on my pity party          
rudely throwing your panties across my          
private room of jagged thoughts          
throwing down infinity's gauntlet of desire          
drawing all eyez on you          
standin there bold and daring          
with pure unadulterated presumptuousness          
manipulating mood swings          
like a pompous bitch with haughtiness          
reeking from your aura          
eye see you          
and that heavy undercurrent of          
naughtiness lingering about          
you want me to take a ride down your dark side          
be my motivation..the driving force          
behind this rendezvous          
selfishly lull me from melancholy's embrace          
into an interface of wits wiles and wills          
initiate our multi-layered chess match again          
all because you feelin yo'self huh?          
you ready to feed me to your inner Sheeba          
i know cuz i can see it in your eyes          
you been gettin high          
off the scent of your vajayjay again          
you're just a straight up gluttonous thing          
i swear          
so this time around          
different countermeasures must be engaged          
the gamesmanship will          
 be served on an unfamiliar dish          
it won't be immediate          
nor will it be straightforward          
i'll cloak my presence and move within          
the shadows of your mind          
employing tactics learned from          
previous mistresses of manipulation          
my feminine mentors          
who taught me how to maneuver through          
the air of your White Lotus          
how to innerstand the playette          
and overstand the game          
you expected a lion's aggression    
and got the stealth of a jaguar instead    
you thought you'd see me coming across      
the great plains..out in the open    
but i chose to lure you into our      
esoteric jungle and lurk from the trees    
using words and sounds to my advantage    
being very deliberate with      
verbiage..pitch..proximity..and tone    
trojan horsing calculation      
under the guise of casualness    
softening your callousness    
talking to you so lovingly    
while stalking you on a whole nother level    
walking your thoughts and emotions      
wherever i need to lead a pet on a leash    
put your head in a space where infatuation      
strokes and cajoles the female ego    
as i subtly shift your body into autopilot    
offering its orifices transcendent bliss    
in return for betrayal to her queen    
get up all underneath your blaque widow    
download my hard drive then exit back window    
before you try to take more than what was offered    
leavin you feelin like Deborah Cox in    
the aftermath saying to yourself    
"how did you get here"    
it's the blind spot baby          
i have mines          
and you have yours          

Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 2nd Dec 2018
Author's Note
Inspired by shades of the man/woman dynamic
and partially by the pic and the times we live in..haha

White Lotus is a reference to and old Kung Fu flick
where the protagonist had to learn from his wife
how to incorporate feminine grace into his powerful style
of fighting in order to defeat his nemesis the White Lotus
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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