Talking on a cell phone behind the wheel of a massive S.U.V.,
he nods at the guard while exiting the gated community

Roaring down the highway doing eighty feeling powerful and free,
with Trump and Pence on the bumper and the flag
"Don't Trend On Me ".

Circling the parking lot to get as close as he can be,
he goes inside perturbed and demanding a manager to see.

Their is a filthy Beggar with no legs sitting by the door,
who asked me for spare change as I came into your store.

Tell those "Bleeding Hearts " to stop giving money and he will soon disappear,
you now he will only use it to buy cigarettes and beer.

God knows I pay a hell of a lot of Federal, State, and Local tax,
why can't they put a cyclone fence around the shelter keep em off our backs.

When told some crap about the first amendment and his right to be out there,
he threw his hands up and said fine, I will take my business elsewhere.

Just then an old women who had taught the Beggar in his youth,
snatched away his car keys, now you will listen to the truth.

He was captain of the football team, top student in his class,
and worked to help his family what you would call
Poor White Trash.

Was at the height of our country's South East Asia War,
Uncle Sam came calling so he enlisted in the Corp.

Born without a silver spoon, no family power to pull
"God Bless America " for his life, the Fat Lady sings.

He could have joined the protest and burnt his draft card,
or taken the Safe Way Out in the Texas Air National Guard.

Others stayed drunk and stoned in college with Daddy paying tuition, books, and rent,
who knows, he may even grown-up to become the President.

His squad was ambushed in the jungle, all were left for dead,
alone he awoke with no legs and a steel plate in his head.

His parents were killed by a speeding driver as they drove to meet his plane,
talk about post traumatic stress it's a miracle he's not insane.

Now go support your Ilk who would cut the benefits that keeps him living hand to mouth,
you really are the north end of an elephant heading south.

Written by stardustchild
Author's Note
Sadly, based on a true story I witnessed.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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