A World Void of Love

There is a fire in my mind. Its flames lick my insides and force my blood to boil.
My eyes are fueled with fury , as I look at a world so stagnant, it reeks of rotten flesh and decay

Pungent and odious the stench blackens my soul, which sinks down into a depth of complete and utter despair. The pressure is relentless, this world lays like a heavy burden. I cannot withstand its cumbersome body. I crave light. Longing for release I attempt to rid myself of all this lusterless matter. But it holds me down, tears at my flesh and opens wounds. I bleed and cry, confused by this maddening world.
"Release me!" I scream, but my trembling voice is lost in the void. The darkness eats my words and spits back in my face anguish and hate.

I am sinking more into the ever darkening world of rejection. Amidst the twinkling lights of the stars which shine to sell me false hope. I am nothing more than a wilting, frail flower in a toxic land. Never to feel the real sun. All nourishment has been banned.

I will never bloom or show my true colours. For they are suppressed and left lifeless, in a world so rancid and void of love
Written by FracturedDreams
Author's Note
I wrote this after many years battling with someone who only wanted me in their life if I conformed to their ways. last night I finally let go.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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