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(Inspired by Rimsky Korsakov Opus 35, Sheherazade)
The walls of her tent billow
sails on a storm tossed desert
she pauses to listen
as howling wind punctuated
by the fortissimo roar of thunder
excite her serenity
caressing her naked shoulders
as if strumming a magical harp
he restores her calm,  
banishes her fears
Warm water cascades down
his travel worn body
as with jasmine scented soap
she washes away dust and soil
from the battle bruised flesh
of her nomadic lover
from alabaster cheeks
he brushes away strands
of long raven hair
exposing gemlike hazel eyes
made brilliant by the oil lamp light
He as one dying of thirst
rushes to drink from her well
succulent pink lips meet his
dry and cracked
kisses bind their wounded hearts
now felt beating as one
her perfect globes
pressed firmly against his chest
slowly to her knees she falls
her tongue tickling his reed
as on his woodwind she plays
conjuring vibrato laden chords
of pure ecstasy
Wearing only a scarf
of fine translucent silk
she dances around him
in a seductive Raqs sharqi
entranced by her swaying hips
his desire feverishly grows
Pulling her into a strong embrace
they fall laughing
onto her red satin covered mattress
as cello and violin
they share sweet and sultry notes
whispers of desire
Legs intertwined
they sit facing one another
lashed together
by his thick rope
lento they rise and fall
on the waves of eros
on his face he feels her hot breath
as he plucks her ripe nipples
their prestissimo moans
presage a glorious climax
thunder claps like banging cymbals
intensify the finale
as his dam bursts and floods her flower
Collapsing together
onto clouds of pillows
in tight embrace still joined
no further words are spoken
as contentedly they slumber
safe, for now, from the raging storm
in the morning
He as so many before him,
will beg her “come with me”
she will lovingly decline
her work is to comfort
and breathe new life
into travelers
weary of life’s journey
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
Published | Edited 22nd Aug 2019
Author's Note
This is a repost. _shadoe_ (Koshka) challenged me to write a poem based on Rimsky Korsakov's Opus 35, Sheherazade symphony.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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