where the red buzzard flies~read by Sinisterspital

ejaculate madness  
let it spray its depravity  
in the face of societies restrictions  
smear feces on the walls of people's minds  
awaken them with a stench so great  
they at last taste the vomit they've been spewing  
from mouths of ignorance  
so vast is this wasteland they've constructed  
with words hollow in nature  
leaving solid landmarks  
to lead astray the sheep  
who travel by night  
they are off to see the Wizard  
begging they be granted some brains  
brainwashed they tumble off cliffs  
because there is no yellow brick road  
to enlightenment and freedom  
just more dead end ideas  
wrapped in a big red bow  
concealing the maggoty entrails of corruption  
climbing the highest levels  
through dewy eyes  
we look to these mafioso type hooligans to save us  
save yourself  
don't blindly go into that dark night  
the hit-man wears polyester leisure suits  
he's your drinking buddy  
you'll be dead where you sit  
on your ass of complacency  
secure in the knowledge  
the type of car you drive will save you  
let artificial intelligence  
drive your cars and protect your homes  
while you fall deeper into the spell your under  
wake up the universe is watching  
you've died to materialism  
rotting they're coming to bury you  
who will come to mourn your grave?  
when you went to war  
just to turn and run  
back to what you thought was safe  
Written by crimsin
Modified 9th March 2018
Author's Note
read by the ever talented Sinisterspital thank you i'm honored by your reading of my poem..
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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