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For once,
Would you appreciate me?
I'm the most Adorable,
The most Attractive,
I'm Adaptable and Amusing...
Awesome and Ambitious
Are you blind, Master?
I'm still very Beautiful.
Many say I'm Breathtaking,
That I make them Bubbly.
Of course, you do not notice.
Master, I'm Calm and Caring,  
Not always Courteous but Cheerful,
I'm cute and I command Charm.
I want you to notice me.
Listen Master,
I'm Dauntless
My calling is Divine,
To say the least.
I'm Dedicated to your survival,  
I'm still Delectable, for you
Or am I not Deserving of thee?
Still, I'm Determined.
I give you reasons never Excuses
I'm Enchanting
For you I want to be Enthralling...
Elegant, Excellent, Extraordinary...
I want to gift you with Exuberance,
Do you follow?
Let's be Fearless...
You and me.
May I be Frank with you master?
I know thyself,
I'm the most Forgiving...
You should be as well.
I know you're Gallant, Genius...
Gifted, Great .etc.
These qualities don't matter,
I've seen it all.
I'm Gregarious, remember?
Our union is Heavenly,
I have to make you Happy.
You are Incredible...I'm Impeccable,
You are Ingenious...I'm Insightful,
You are Incandescent...I'm Intense.
You are Imaginative...I'm Impartial.
You should be Intrepid and Intuitive.
For we are Independent.
Should we unite,
Jolly will be with us always.
I deserve the best.
I deserve to live a Jubilant life,
and so do you Master.
I demand a Kind partner,
For I am Kindhearted.
I'm Knowledgeable...
I know what I want.
My partner has to be different...
Lively and Lovable.
Lovely too.
My partner has to be different...
I'm Luscious so I want Loyal.
The perfect partner is Majestic,  
not to mention Mettlesome...
Sometimes Marvelous.
I'm 100% Natural.
Call me Nubile.
...or rather Noble.
I'm also Obliging and Outstanding,
Very Optimistic and Open-minded
I'm you Master.
I'm Passionate and Productive,
All you need to do...
Be Positive!
I'm a Placid lady.
Simply Phenomenal.
I know you're Peppy.
However, I like being Practical.
You are Quirky...I'm  Quiet.
Match made in heaven.
I'm your Rightful partner,
Your woman.
I'm Radiant and Resolute.
I'm Responsible and Reliable,
Reserved but very Romantic.
What else do you need?
I'm Sweet and Stunning,
You are Strong and Spirited....
I'm in Love!
I don't want your Sympathy,
I'm a big girl.
I need you to be Straight-forward,
I'm hurting.
I like being Tenacious,
Understand where I come from,
I need a Trustworthy partner.
Love has to be Unselfish.
I need you to be Upstanding,
Lest we all perish for nothing.
I literally proved myself.
I'm Valiant.
Are you?
Let's be Wise,
This partnership is Worthy,
I am ready and Willing.
Are you?
I'm Xenial master,
Would you receive me?
Our desires, Youthful.
Our friendship, Zesty.
For once,
Would you appreciate me?
Written by eleven_mashariki
Published | Edited 28th Feb 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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