Breaking Up

Dear Writerís Block:

Itís not you itís me. You see, I know how much you love attention and cherish every single moment that we have together. Unfortunately, I just feel suffocated. Whenever Iím not writing, Iím gasping for air as if Iíve been dragged into an undertow. My organs feel like theyíre being thrashed about, trying to find the surface just to catch a breath.

I want to reach out and touch sunlight again. Writing has always brought me comfort, the way that sunlight brings warmth, the way plants make oxygen for us to breathe. But you? Youíre more like a dog crate thatís too small for a growing canine, creating aggression behind someone who once used to be so gentle. Why create labels that we never intend on using properly?

These restraints you tied me with keep digging into my wrists, constricting the flow of blood. Being handcuffed to a desk isnít exactly what I would call kinky. You leave such a bitter taste in my mouth; one that I cannot get rid of no matter what fluids I drink. I need to keep growing; I will not settle into this monotonous relationship. I made a promise that I would never settle. Not even for another hobby or skill set.

Speaking of skill sets, you need new ones. Youíll never get anywhere in life just settling. Itís like you donít want to further your education to be all that you can be. I donít want to be that type of person, but I could never tell a lie when someone needs to hear the truth. You cause misery, and if I cannot break you being around then who knows what kind of trouble I could get myself into. I was never known to smoke or drink, and I wonít start just because you want to linger like stale perfume from a one-night stand.
Sure, itíll take time for wounds to heal. I know youíll find someone else though, someone better than me. Iím too determined, too stubborn. Iím bound to ruin the good things you have going for you. I couldnít be that monster. Iím choosing to let you go. For both our sakes.


Someone who loves writing too much
Written by silentmoonlghtx
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