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I Desire

Without you I feel empty,
Your essence is liquid fire burning through my veins;
Your touch ignites an intense desire within me,
You shift the dial between pleasure and pain.

Your raven hair glows under the moonlight,
Your eyes like a pitch-black sky filled with glistening stars;
I hungrily take in the angelic sight,
My animal instinct urges me to pounce on you like a jaguar.

We grind our naked bodies together,
A deep ache burns between my legs;
I rub myself against your growth, and marvel at your strangulated pleasure,
You know Iím teasing you, yet you refuse to beg.

You gently caress my most sacred place,
Sending shivers through my body;
The only language I know to speak is your name,
As you whisper in my ear something naughty.

Iíve been untouched for too long; Iím incredibly sensitive,
Inside of me is a fire that only you can extinguish;
I need you inside of me to feel the delicious friction,
My eyes are locked on your member standing attentive.

Our eyes meet; a brief, but power connection passes through us,
Lust, affection, need, and perhaps love?
Thereís no fear, only mutual trust,
Behind you spread wings as white as a doveís.

My desire increases as you turn on the beast within me,
I start to leak on the bed, and you know that Iím ready;
You take your sweet, agonizing time entering me,
I can feel your heartbeat inside of me.

I feel like Iím losing control,
We drink each otherís moans with sweet kisses;
Stars fill my vision as my nervous system fries from pleasure overload,
Our joining is not based on dominance, but on mutual respect and tenderness.

You whisper in my ear the three words Iíve always wanted to hear,
I canít think coherently with the exquisite feeling of you moving in and out of me;
In a rush, my feelings for you are startlingly clear,
As I feel your hot seed explode inside of me.

ďI love youĒ I whisper back, ďIím yours: mind, body and soul.Ē
It only took the right reader to see your beauty;
You smile down at me ďwhen connected to you, I feel whole.Ē
ďPlease donít ever leave me.Ē

In that moment, I realize something grand,
My desire for you isnít just physical;
Despite how I crave the touch of your hand,
I love you most for aspects that are emotional.
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