Ice & Fire

I had always loved the cold.
Greeted it warm like an old friend.
Welcomed it into my abode.
Always hoped thatís how my world would end.
There are glaciers in my bloodstream.
I exhale a winter breeze.
I perspire mist people mistake for steam.
My blood vessels tighten, it`s hard to breathe.
My heart is algid.
My tongue has frost bite.
My heart is pallid,
More like a block of ice.
My body is numb.
I can`t feel my toes.
I am not dumb.
My brain hasn`t froze.
This hypothermia seems pretty neat.
Uncontrollable chitter chatter,
I`ll be falling asleep.
What you say doesn`t matter.
Sorry if you thought I was sweet.
Too much ice cream on your platter,
will give you a brain freeze.
I`m a blizzard on Everest,
I`ll blow you away.
Yes I am temperate.
Summit death zone decay.
I shiver and I shake,
But I am nowhere near being nervous.
Surrounded by a lake.
I`m an ice berg, there is more beneath my surface.
Those that consider my 10% get sunk like titanic ships,
And I drink their tears on the rocks.
Know that 90% and give me your heart or friendship,
Then I will preserve them in my ice box.
Is this a cruel winter? Or a bon hiver?
Seasons change, here comes the summer.
See, when I wasn`t looking,
†My thermostat was tampered.
Someone is cooking,
A recipe for disaster.
But I love it`s smell.
Though I don`t fall for its face.
Ignored the smoke alarm and bells.
Got burned, but I loved the taste.
It was a spark on my tongue, seemed harmless.
Like the warmth of the sun felt through garment.
But it set off like a gun point on target.
Fireworks, interval at one, argument after argument.
Volcanic eruption, soon to extinction.
This passion is a fire that burns to its own destruction.
Now I am a supernova,
Beautiful and bright, but I`ll fade away.
I flush toxins, I am a sauna.
Deadly ultra violet rays.
I am a desert, are you an Iguana?
Can you adapt to this heat wave?
Or will you drown in this molten lava?
Explode in this microwave?
I am a fire, I`ll keep you warm,
Just as long as I don`t burn you.
A liar that will make you feel reborn,
If you don`t catch up to the truth.
From preservation in fridges,
Despite a winter day,
To burning several bridges,
That light the way.
And this fire keeps burning on
I tried to extinguish it
It kept burning on
You tried to extinguish it
It kept burning on
They tried to extinguish it
It kept burning on
I tried again
But it burns on and on.
Written by KP23
Published | Edited 3rd Feb 2018
Author's Note
This is about how I have changed. I used to be a cold jerk, but now I am a warm good guy. I highlight the pros and cons of both sides with the hope of finding a balance between the two.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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