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Big Debbie

Debbie usually arrives on a Friday around half past ten  
if her plump, bouncy body is inspired to attend  
She decides that the tavern deserves another try  
Will a prospect engage her, or simply walk by?  
Joined at the table, with her loyal accomplice  
She has fitted her curves, and kept the make-up quite modest  
With his striking broad shoulders and kind, gentle face  
the DJ stops for a brief visit, while a longer song plays  
He is five years her junior, and works the room for requests  
she likes to lean in a little, and draw his eyes to her breasts  
But she plays it polite, to induce a man to slowly simmer  
for the truth of the matter, is she would gladly skip dinner  
Each week she drops in, he always says a little more  
and if he's always this friendly, perhaps he's apt to explore  
A full-bodied woman can be a matter of taste,  
she has learned through the trials, some will treat it with haste  
Exercising some caution, she has found is the key  
but these long bouts without it, leave her restless and horny  
So she brings her best friend to ensure there is fun  
Marie has been sheltered, she still lives with her mom  
If the night shows no promise, they at least have each other  
and from their teasing discussions, he might make a good lover  
He expresses one evening that he is doing a show  
 described as a " a rather tame affair", but he still invites them to go  
Debbie decides that she'll skip wearing panties  
she's dying to know if it is something he fancies  
It's a solo performance, in a quiet local pub  
They enter the room and take seats at the front  
A handful of people are sporadically scattered  
but Debbie and Marie seem to be the only that matter  
She catches him mid-song, travel from her ankle to her thigh  
she adjusts in her seat, moving her skirt to catch his eye  
At the end of the set, he thanks them both for coming  
And he whispers to Debbie, "The view was quite stunning"  
She decides she will press him, "Did you get a good glance?"  
The flirtation is quite playful and she is taking her chance.  
"I'm not sure where you're headed. Can we give you a lift?"  
He tries to shrug it off, but Big Debbie insists  
He packs up his gear, and they take the road  
the highways are slippery, so they take it quite slow  
They drop off Marie, and Debbie asks for directions  
but before he can speak, her hand has found his erection.  
"It will take twenty minutes, and I don't want to wait"  
Her hand slow and determined to feel his whole shape  
The blizzard increases as she searches to stop  
he points to on an old drive-in, "it's the perfect spot"  
She pulls the car over, one hand on the wheel  
his hardness expanding, as she continues to feel  
She releases the imprint to get a good look  
she continues to stroke him, he says "it feels so fucking good"  
He goes to her mouth to meet her lush painted lips  
reaching under her shirt to massage those big tits  
"Bet you want to suck them?" she says with a tease  
He plays with her nipples, short twists and a squeeze  
"I admit you were thinking, when you wore that skirt"  
"I want you to fuck it!" she says, with a jerk  
She swings her big legs towards the passenger seat  
"My pussy is so ready, now get down and eat"  
He manoeuvres his body, Debbie grips at the wheel  
his mouth finds her glory, so hot to the feel  
He licks her expanse, while clutching her skin  
up past her clit and right back again  
His chin brushes gently across her bare thighs  
as he diligently tongues her with each tender cry  
"I want you inside me, my cunt is so ready!"  
The windows fog up, he licks her slow and steady  
A ripple rips through her and she pleads, "fuck, don't stop!"  
as she feels the first pierce that fits the curve of his cock  
He pushes to the base and he is pleasantly oiled  
sliding faster and slower, pumping way past a broil  
The flashing light of a snowplough, fails to draw their attention  
as their ravenous bodies explore their every intention  
Reaching the fever, there can be no return  
jiggling and bouncing to the insatiable burn  
Grunting, moaning, their inaudible sounds  
exploding inside her, shaking every pound  
She violently trembles, the car matching her motion  
they are disciples of flesh, rabid in their devotion.  
He clings to her body in the cushion of warmth  
they lie there entangled in the chill of the storm  
A blanket of snow obstructs the entire windshield  
a nest for their devotion and the energies healed  
Both are still panting, neither one of them moves  
his head has found shelter on the crest of her curves  
They lie there in silence, any thoughts have long gone  
both immersed in the honour of the urges they've solved  
The unspoken connection, they are truly content  
to not speak of the future, or plan another event  
neither has any burden to explain an evening absence to a spouse  
The storm has subsided and Debbie drives him to his house  
One parting kiss, before their time has expired  
They will try to get some sleep, but they will both be inspired  
in the years that will follow, both will look to the past  
and delight in the dalliance, it is one that will last  
The map of her body, he often revisits  
the folds of her flesh, a mark so exquisite  
his taste now expanded beyond the superficial gloss  
Debbie altered the palette of the women he sought  
The thrills of this world are never clearly defined  
seek the beauty in any prospect, and it might alter your mind.  
Written by Tenderloin
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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