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We’re sittin’ here having a rendezvous
With a shot glass, D Black and this Cuevo dude…
I hear whispers of sweet nothings
My mind filled with naughty things
There are storm surges between my thighs
And the tidal waters are high
I am def. swimming in a strong brew,
He ISSSS forbidden fruit,
We will call him - my sweetest taboo

And then…
I feel his fire and his kiss burns
I let out soft moans
As his fingers explore and massage my fleshy folds
They feel warm, moving so rapidly
In and out they go aggressively
Our kisses passionate and hungering
I reach down and I find it
The object of my affection
Lights switched off
I take him in my mouth
I taste something… ahhh the pleasures of pre-cum
I am in ecstasy; he has never given me that before.
As I flick my tongue
And suck and slobber over his mushroom top.
A magician I am…. now u see it, now u don’t
His dick has gone for a swim down my throat.

This feeling is exhilarating
As I creep up and position myself
Allow his dick to dance at my pussys’ opening
I feel myself parting
My insides stretching
All the hairs on my body stand on end
I feel his muscle in me and still swelling
Our hips rotating in dual rhythm
This is just the beginning,
But I close my eyes tightly
I don’t want him to know that I am silently cumming
I just keep rocking.

Without warning he rearranges our positions
I am on my stomach and we dance like mermaids
He is not affectionate at this instance
His force is of a serious nature
He brutally inflicts his man power
Making animalistic sounds in my ear
His hands have me bound…
Not allowed to move an inch
Just take what I am given
I bite my bottom lip and act in compliance
My ears are ringing… my body overheating
I grab the sheets because again my tide is rising.

Again we switch at the speed of lighting
Heavy panting and ass smacking
Fuck me harders all over
He sits up a little and holds me closer
Tells me to gyrate hard on it.
Turn around and grind on it…
Pussy screamin’ give me more
He has turned me into his personal whore

He’s now on top n like a wild buck
He thrusts and thrusts and thrusts
My head hanging off the bed
His hand on my neck
Thrust after thrust after thrust
He asks “Is this what you want?”
Pulls out and shoves his dick in my mouth
And buries his head in my rural south
Our flavored combination drives me crazy
My senses are in overdrive as he tongue lashes me
I feel his body telling a story
And then he shoves his dick deeper and deeper into my oral cavity
And then……
A taste of heaven
I waste no time devouring his cream fillin’
We find solstice after our drunken sexual mayhem.
Written by blissful28
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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