God said it is a sin to eat to much to be a glutton this is one of the Ten Commandments?
It is called obesity is this not a disease? Iím confused
God said lust is a sin?
Are we not born with it in our DNA? Their is some conflict here?

Does it not also say that love trumps all things?
Then how does a love turn bad?
Iíve read it front to back!
many stretched stories there within

I also read there if you are weak or sick come to me Iíll shelter you?
Iím in constant pain and stiffness because of arthritis were is my shelter?
If I pray you will listen with an open heart?
How could you not stop her from taking away my marriage and children?

You say knock and the door will be open?
Iíve been knocking no one is home Iím guessing?
Have faith and all will come to you?
Iíve starved Iíve had no place to go Iíve lost in love, is this not enough pain for you?

You say you attend to your flock meaning is your children?
Then whoís flock are you attending? I see a world full of pain and suffering!
Ask and you shall receive knock and the door will be open for you?
Iíve asked and Iíve knocked both still unanswered!

Iíve read the good bock and Iíve read the Koran
So many likeness between to two this is strange!
I let my son die so all of our sins would be forgiven?
No no no, I would not sacrifice anyone to forgive the whole planet!

Are we that stupid to follow things that we canít see, blind faith?
Are we to waste our whole life devoted to a god that we canít see nor hear?
If we are supposed to follow you and pray to you and ask to be forgiven?
Why not show the world with one big act of God to prove you are real?

You say that youíll never flood the earth again?
If we follow you we have floods, fires, death, starvation?
Itís also stated that the earth was flooded only the ark made it.
Adam and Eve having children and those children had to sleep with each other.

To populate the planet Adam and Eve had children those children had to sleep with their father and brothers and sisters thatís to populate the planet, we know that if the DNA line is to close there are a lot of deformities?
Then the Ark only Noah and family the rest of the world was flooded so everyone else on the earth died? Again insest is this not wrong?
We are told to follow a god that we do not see or hear from in over 2000 years?
Something sounds a little off balance to me?
We have wars over this we have fanatics blowing them selfs up or running them down all in the name of god?
Why do we need to even be here? Why are we not all ready in heaven? We all just need to have blind faith and live our lives attached to ever word of the good book? No fuck that, why would anyone do that,
I would not follow you, you let your only son die and be tortured to prove to us that this is how much you love us? Your very own creation this alone is the flaw in the great good book as we as parents would let our own children die for our love of god? NO I think not.
Written by EpicUtester69 (Just a simple poet)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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