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Sorry I Have a Penis

you have sight for things I donít see
the person I am is a perverted freak
well, yeah
but unless you are willing to claw out my eyes
Iíll always stare at big asses
canít help God made me with a penis
men are born sexual predators
least thatís what you claim to your friends  
we used to hang out all the time
now youíre a hardcore feminist
part time lesbian  
telling everyone, me too!
youíre not fooling me
I remember you groping the dicks of married men
guess they should of just liked it
they should of just took it
because theyíre born cheating bastards anyway
and youíre just being an empowered woman
oh girl, please
thereís a difference between assault and regret
just because you made stupid decisions
doesnít make you a victim  
and just because a man you didnít find attractive  
flirts with you
doesnít make him a criminal  
it makes true victims look like liars
I have a dick
and Iím truly sorry for that
it keeps pointing at things I want  
and you have a hole
my guess is itís being filled as I write this
from a man or woman  
or both
you just want to be the lustful cunt
and every man should wait their turn  
well lock me up with the other males
Iím a hopeless flirt
staring at sexy women  
I fantasize of dirty things way too often  
and if given the green light  
I would be all up in that
you know itís true
if you had a penis
they would lock you up too
Written by DevilsChild
Published | Edited 20th Apr 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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