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A Paean To Concupiscence

Lying naked in the warm lambency of the night,
She seductively stretched out her voluptuous body,
Her hands supporting her head, its rich golden tresses
Falling across the gentle swell of her opulent breasts,
Thighs parted to reveal her most intimate secrets
To his excited sight as he entered her boudoir.
Flickering shadows softly highlighted every curve
Of her palely glowing flesh in explicit splendour,
A bold display of unashamed lasciviousness
Brazenly intended to inflame his lustful mind
And stir his cock where it hung limply between his legs
Until it rose up hard and throbbing with hot desire.
His lubricious gaze travelled down her inviting curves
Pausing briefly to adore her delicious bosom
Heaving in anticipation of rough caresses,
Her rouged nipples tingling and hardening with desire,
Coming to rest on the plump outer lips of her sex,
The gateway to bliss already slick with sweet nectar.
He approached the bed and stood by her reclining head,
And she took his dangling sac between trembling fingers
And pulled his rigid shaft close in order to enclose
The purple swollen crown between her opening lips,
Her tongue avid to sample the salty bead of precum,
Precursor of the molten streams soon to flood her cunt.
His hands sought and squeezed the ample flesh of her twin orbs,
Kneading and twisting her protruding nipples to send
Exquisite shafts of electricity through her nerves,
And lighting a fire of carnal sensuality
That would only be sated in the consuming waves
Of overwhelming paroxysms of ecstasy.
Driven by his own rising tide of molten rapture
The climbed up onto the bed, and kneeling behind her
Tilted back her head and slowly slid between her lips
Until the entire throbbing length of his tempered shaft
Was fully engulfed in her warm and inviting mouth,
Groaning with pleasure as he thrust slowly in and out.
Bending over her sumptuous recumbent body
Which was slowly undulating in time to the pulse
Of the churning surges of her ascending rapture,
He sought the slick centre of her vulva with his tongue,
Gently parting the swollen petals with his fingers
And drawing back the hood of her engorged clitoris.
With practised guile he kissed and teased the pulsating bud,
Pausing occasionally to slide his probing tongue
Along the delectable path of slippery flesh
That led to the entrance to the hot crimson tunnel
Where he soon would plunge headlong to possess the treasure
Within, in a sublime moment of extreme release.
Totally abandoned to the ravishing pleasure
Of the beating waves of sensual stimulation
Breaking upon the shore of her delirious mind,
She crested the summit of her first joyous orgasm,
Every nerve ending alive in an orgy of bliss,
As she writhed and moaned in rapt insensibility.
They lay for a while, flesh melting into willing flesh
Until the incandescent rapture of her climax
Had receded like the tide, releasing her briefly
From its intoxicating spell, and like two dancers
Under the spell of sublimely erotic music
They prepared for final exaltation of desire.
For a heady moment of divine expectation
The woman poised herself above his rampant organ,
Placing its bulbous purple head in the open mouth
Of her eager cunt, before sinking down with a sigh
Until she was fully impaled on the pulsing shaft,
Its silky hardness filling her slick velvety depths.
In a divinely exhilarating pas de deux
They moved in complete harmony, sensible only
To the exponentially mounting cadence of lust,
Mutually seeking the acme of carnal joy,
Riding the rolling waves of exquisite sensation
Radiating from the fusion of their genitals.
Nearing the pinnacle of sybaritic pleasure
Their limbs moved in a mounting crescendo of craving
For the final eruption of physical delight,
Every nerve inflamed with hedonistic impulsion,
Writhing and moaning in ultimate abandonment,
Fucking and thrusting in the drive to consuming bliss.
Head thrown back and a vivid scarlet flush of passion
Suffusing the rippling flesh of her resplendent breasts,
She was the first to surrender to the searing waves
Of exquisite sensation consuming her being,
Beyond conscious sensibility, overpowered  
By paroxysms of libidinous ecstasy.
Spurred on by the sight of her overpowering climax
And the delicious feeling of her vaginal walls
Contracting and pulsating around his thrusting cock
Precipitated his own explosion of delight
As his scrotal muscles contracted violently
To expel hot streams of his seed deep into her cunt.
Released from the sweet extremity of their orgasms,
The little death of apocalyptic ravishment,
They fell into the deep languorous tranquility
That follows the irresistible impulse of lust,
Satiated by the orgiastic ecstasy
Of the carnal sensuality of their desire.
As the light of evening faded and their entwined flesh
Became hidden from sight in the soft darkness of night,
The watchers in the shadows, those lovers from the past
Who would never again know the gratification
Of the sharp penetration of nubile yielding flesh  
Enjoyed once more the uplifting ecstasy of lust.
Written by KindOfHeart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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