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I suffer, as I am lost in Hell
Sanity dripping out my starved flesh
At the mercy of the mountain
With but one to accompany me
She, too, was lost
And we both yearned for the sun to bathe us
To melt our icy tears
Our breath that nearly sublimates

It was then that I met the void of persona
A perfect nil, to erase the denial
Of my stillborn intent

I suffer, and starve
No longer

An erudite wind, frozen wrath
Seared my face, numbing purgatory
Now forgotten in the warmth of blood
That has now become my mask
I am deafened by half-screams of agony
From the one whose life I had claimed
Nothing more remains, cruelly maimed
Crawling prone to impede the moribund

How fruitious, delectable
This lugubrious scene
That nary an atrophic predator could stomach
As I, ripping away intestinal ropes
Wearing them as an edible scarf
Have truly become a beast

'She wept for God and for life
Despite a weak grasp on consciousness
One could almost see her soul
As the mist that left her stranded'

I see the end of the road oft travelled
As the anguished trees are now all I see
Imprisoned I am by the very air I breathe
Miasma descends from the gates I grieve

A demon has entered me
I have no will, or desire
To resist

Damned to walk forever, this dirt
Damned to eternally hunger and thirst
A corniform shadow rests over my head
For I am cursed, the chagrin of death

'She was found deep in the woods
Limbless, impaled through the throat
And exsanguinated, innards shown
In crimson bathed the khloros glow
Of the snow underneath her carrion'
Written by UbiquitousVoid
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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