the sidewalk's secrets

the sun dappled sidewalk listened            
as I stomped out            
my discontent on it's obliging face            
then with a sneer            
& a wink            
it spoke to me            
told me of all            
the stories it's heard            
as people release their secrets            
to the winding streets            
the man with the limp            
has a fat wife at home            
his back broken from her weight            
the man's sorrow is heard            
then duly noted by the sidewalk          
who leads him to a mistress          
on the other side of town            
a whore            
& her clacking stilettos            
scream out her anger          
at an under paying john            
her rage taken out            
on the forgiving pavement            
who knows this soul well            
children skip to my loo            
& ring around the rosy             
tickles the sidewalk            
their mirth contagious            
ripples out            
from the soles of their shoes            
the utter horror            
it feels as a step is forever silenced            
murder most foul            
an all too common occurrence here            
then in a somber tone            
it tells me it keeps record            
of humanities wanderings            
for it is the road where all dreams lead            
& our path homeward            
Copyright © 2018 Crimsin. All Rights Reserved    
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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