Love is like going through withdrawals

Choking on the thin nights air
this card dealing dawn wasn't fair
frost caught
nailed me to the cross        
fixed horse races rode out
snuffed lawless flames
we bet with borrowed money and lost
linking us next in line for broken knuckles
the lights in your eyes was worth it at the time        
i can't begin to imagine what your suitcase looked like
that sunk in spot on the bed where you laid
laughs at me
and the choices i choke on            
i pulled the trigger
losing this game of tic tac toe
i never wanted games
but the grace of your hand on my face
falling to hold
this ache ate me from the inside out            
combustion engine
hell fire
exhaust covering with smoke
like cigarettes silk lines
longing for a taste of you    
speckled reds and blues like fancy chocolate
mixed by makers minds
dropped on parchment paper
with Love from longing eyes
arrogant dollar signs singing the blues          
light fell as rain    
split in tween
spindles of a thread
woven to watch the firefight
they taught us how to read
we taught them how to drown in flapping doves      
staples on telephone poles
repeated a thousand times until its made of metal
corrosion  caught us in the green green grasses picnic
she brought the basket and lustful looks          
footprints found me wandering
took me in from the colds crippling sight
bumble bees bouncing from daisy to daffodil
pollination picking flowers for girls
in long  Perrotine printing block dresses
among the cities bustling marketplace
drinking long necks i saw you
and no sound crept from my jaw
fictional is the man i am today
troublesome is the touch i gave
don't grant me guiding brights
i'd just lead you to the dead end swamps
ready to be ravished like the medicine cabinet
i went to give you honey and sugar
but laughed when i leaned in for a kiss          
like a burr
i'll travel through cotton fields
on strangers cuffs
departing in South American villas as i please              
morning glories making holes in the tin roof
we're in the wind so no repairmen
hammers to nails
knock on wood amidst the winds song    
in death you smiled
warmed my hands with breath
the end was always you and me  


Inspired by the Grooviest of groovy word movers
 Crimsin's    "where real men love "
Written by samael
(Samael Talmudic)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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