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I walk through the cold    
like a razor it caresses my skin    
sharp the burn    
shaving thin     
the warmth and moisture    
from me      
curls of life    
vapor like smoke rises from stone    
skin frozen like ice      
aching the bone    
stealing the heat    
from me    
I look at the house      
the light streams thru the window pane    
slicing the dark    
promising warmth again    
beckoning me    
to come    
dog senses me    
her bark announces my yearning    
no need to knock    
door knob is turning    
opening wide    
plowing the snow    
he stands at the threshold    
under the porch light      
silhouette filling my gaze    
I wait for invite    
needing a sign of his want    
I’m frozen in time    
wind blows me in shivers    
he reaches his hand thru the night    
I tremble so glad to be found    
he holds me tight    
reaches around    
closes the door    
“Go” he says    
I silently walk with dog in step    
feeling her nose in my palm    
“Stay” he says to the pet    
his presence is strong behind me    
I feel his heat    
I turn and stand near the bed    
watching him as I bite my lip    
he unbuttons his trousers    
leaving them hang on his hips    
pulls off his shirt    
my heart skips      
my breath’s coming fast    
anticipating what is now near    
he stands at my back removing my coat    
removing my dress and brassiere    
caressing my breast    
melting away the cold    
“Onto the bed” he orders me    
I bend and remove my stockings    
leaving my panties in place    
knowing the rules of routine    
I slide into the sheets    
closing my eyes    
I feel his breath on my thighs    
I feel his weight shift the bed    
as he kneels over me    
his hands on each side of my head    
he kisses me    
kisses me soft    
I feel his mouth on my lips    
his tongue tasting mine    
lingering there while we breathe    
moving in time    
a time set by cadence and rhythm    
inside our souls    
his mouth moves to my neck    
goosebumps arise    
the hot and the wet of his tongue    
a lovely surprise    
bringing a coo from my throat    
such pleasure I feel    
moving down my décolletage    
he suckles at my breast    
as if I still had milk to give    
for his tongue to pull and press    
my nipple tingles      
wanting to feed him    
his hand is on the curve of me    
traces my waist and hip    
wanders down my belly soft    
then moves his head to kiss    
a tickly spot      
I giggle    
he shushes me      
with a shake of his head    
he winks assurance    
gets off the bed    
stands at my feet    
hands on my knees    
he pushes with authority    
spreads my thighs apart    
gazes at my heat      
again skips my heart    
he moves aside my panties      
stroking my lips    
my knees relax    
falling freely away    
his head dips    
to the scent of my sweet bouquet    
he hovers there    
driving me wild    
my pussy weeps with want    
I feel her wet and hot    
finally he tastes    
and my breath is caught    
at the sudden touch of his tongue    
licking me    
licking me slowly    
firmly yet soft    
swirling around my bud    
with rhythmic deliberate thought    
knowing the pattern    
the path    
my back begins to arch    
I let forth a moan    
I hold his head in place    
keeping him prone    
his mouth devouring my pussy    
to my delight    
my pleasure rises steadily    
my climax at hand    
my voices rises too    
the pitch becomes high with demand
“Don’t stop!”
I beg    
I pant as I wait a moment more    
then hold my breath    
as ecstasy rolls through me    
I tremble at the depth    
“Oh God!”    
I cry    
wave after wave of warm release    
rolling through me      
his mouth is still    
but still a part of me    
my pussy gripping    
his tongue    
when I’m finally spent    
helpless I lie in the sheets    
he rises above me    
his eyes full of fire and heat    
his glorious cock    
like stone    
I feel the smolder of his gaze    
as I look in his face    
his want surges through me    
my pussy readies to embrace    
his glorious cock    
pleasure begins again      
Written by msjames (Missy James)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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