Why Science = the Word of God

Alright, the Bible says Nature is a source of knowledge  
about God.
It reveals His ways, for He created it(Romans 1.19-20).
More accurately, the STUDY
of Nature reveals things about God.
And the study of Nature is called science.
So, science can be thought of as a revelation of God.
According to the Double Revelation principle, there are two revelations of God, by God:
(1)General Revelation (science) and
(2)Special Revelation, that is, the Bible as "the Word of God."  
And General Revelation is on a par with Special Revelation in importance.
At least, it is also called "the Word of God," just like the Bible is.
For Paul the apostle writes,  
"Have they not heard [the Word of God]?"
Then he answers, "Yes, for [the Word of the skies] have gone to the ends of the Earth"(Romans 10.17).
Surprisingly, Paul is quoting from Psalms 19.1-4 here.
Which begins with,"The heavens declare the glory of God...Their words go to the ends of the Earth."
When he uses Psalms 19 as his basis for answering, "Yes,[they have heard the Word of God]," Paul is equating  the Words of the heavens or skies with
"the Word of God" !!
But just what is this "word" of the skies, anyway ??
It is what the heavens/skies "declare" to us.
And just what is that?  
It is nothing more than the light of the stars, for that is all we see when we look up to the skies at night.
If we think of the light of the stars as part of Nature,  
Paul is saying Nature = the Word of God.
But Nature doesn't reveal its secrets to the casual observer,  
Just like the Bible doesn't declare anything to someone illiterate.
You have to be able to READ the Bible.
Likewise you have to read Nature,  
which in this case is the star light.
Yes, scientists use spectroscopes to decipher the data hidden in the star light.
Which data reveals the age of the universe and how it all began 14 billion years ago -- with the Big Bang !!!
The fact that science, not the Bible, reveals/declares these things to us --  
doesn't that demonstrate the equality of General Revelation with Special Revelation ??
If not even the superiority of General over Special Revelation !!!

PS: the people Paul is talking about lived before the light of the stars could be "read" like it is today.
So in that sense they hadn't really heard the Word of God after all - except superficially.
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